18 Fitness tips for beginners: top secrets from Celeb trainers

We know that daily exercise brings a lot of benefits for our total health, but when people are starting some exercise programs for the first time, it is very essential and important to do all the things right, or risk doing themselves more damage than good. Some people who launch in the special exercise programs that are too intense or begin to exercise with no professional help always do themselves an injury and are put off the physical activities due to their negative experiences. This writing contains some useful fitness tips for beginners when returning to working out after the long break and when beginning to exercise program for the first time.

1. Start Slow

Fitness tips for beginners - Start Slow

People should not just jump right in and begin exercising 5 days per week because that is a recipe for big disaster. It is better that they work up gradually to exercising some days a week while they see how their body responds. Dr. Higgins advises that “Begin low and then go slow,”. He also said that the current recommendation is two – three days a week, for about 30 minutes a day. But for some people who is just beginning out, Dr. Higgin recommends that they should begin at one – two days a week and them ramp it up from there.”

2. Know When To Stretch

Most people think that stretching right before the workout seem like the best way to do, but they need know that stretching might be putting themselves at risk of the injury. After they warm up, they need to stretch their muscles and hold it for at least fifteen seconds. With this method, they are less likely to injure themselves when they are stretching if their muscles are a little warmed up. When it comes to stretching, you had better learn how to stretch your back muscles  as well as leg muscles as the muscles in these areas are so important for the whole body.

3. Know Your Weight And The Right Way T0 Use It

Fitness tips for beginners - Know Your Weight And The Right Way To Use It

A lot of people are confused at the first time they go in a gym, but they are too afraid of asking for some advice. But if you are that person, you need to get over it. By law, all the gyms have to have some instructors or people who will be able to help show beginners how to work out with the machine, and it will save them from badly injuring themselves.” In addition, many gym beginners go for the heavy weight they can make a rookie mistake. People can go on with a weight machine and, beginning at the lowest weight, pull them down and keep adding more from there. Just keep improving the weight until they reach their points where they can do one or they can not do any. That is too much. When they find their maximum weight, 2/3 of that number is where they need to start. They need to be able to do at least 12 reps. It will be easy, but it should not be difficult to the point where they are straining.” Finally, when they have a weight they are comfortable with, do not get too eager to improve it. People do not increase it more than ten percent per week. If they do that, their risk of injury will increase exponentially.

4. Mix It Up

Whether beginner are going for bulking up or weight loss, a mixed regimen of all strength and aerobic training is one of the fitness tips for beginners in order to achieve the perfect body they want. But even in these categories, do not stick to some same exercises all days. Do not go running every day per week. It will get boring and beginners will get to the point where they don’t enjoy it anymore. Try climbing, biking, or other elliptical or whatever they enjoy most. If people like to play tennis or basketball, do that, because they are more likely to stick to what they enjoy.” Moreover, move between the 4 various types of the exercise, which are resistance or strength training, flexibility, aerobic and balance, which is especially necessary for seniors.

5. Give A Chance To All

  Fitness tips for beginners - Give A Chance To All

This is not going back to school, where a person is the lucky one if he reaches first. Do not hold on to treadmill for many hours just because he got to grab and he feels running on the treadmill is very healthy and fun. The gym equipment have to be shared to other trainers. So, time himself accordingly and step down from these machines.

6. Know When To Take A Break

When beginners start out, sometimes they are overzealous and they can try to get into gym every day. However, they need to know that they should let their bodies rest, if not they can be doing much harm.If beginners do not give their bodies time to repair and heal itself, their performance can go down and they can get into the vicious cycle where they never recover fully. And, if they are sore after their workouts, that is very good, unless it hurts too much. People should know that it is common to have soreness and pain after exercise. Do not run to take the painkiller, because that will mask pain and cause them to do the real damage to their body. Let the body recover naturally itself.

7. Comfort Clothing Is Cool

Fitness tips for beginners - Comfort Clothing Is Cool

One of the simplest fitness tips for beginners is using comfort clothes. You should know comfort  is better than style. While it is very smart to mix and match comfort and style, priority will need to be on comfort. Besides, wearing comfortable clothes right from the beginning of the training process is also one of the easiest stress management tips  after workout.

8. Work With Company  

Company is very good. Studies show that going into the gym with some partners is one of the great fitness tips for beginners and many others because it will support you in losing weight at the faster rate. So, whether it maybe a best friend or bro, make sure people have partners tagging along.

9. Find A Work Out Buddy

Fitness tips for beginners - Find A Work Out Buddy

If a person is slightly out of his shape, working out will be the physically difficult. Having a simple work out or a gym buddy can support, however, as it can support to instill healthy interaction and competition with other person of the similar mindset.

10. Create a Diverse Exercise Regime

While people can feel the need to spend about thirty minutes every day on the treadmill in the bid to reduce weight, they have to need to diversify their exercises regime over time. That means including conditioning and strength exercises or the yoga orientated regimes to increase their fitness levels.

11.  Maintain A Suitable Diet

Fitness tips for beginners - Maintain A Suitable Diet

Looking to build muscle or burn calories represent good goals, but that means little if beginners don’t commit to healthy eating plans. They should embrace a healthy and balanced diet that helps their exercise regime, especially if they want to stay fit and healthy forever. You should also pay attention to balancing your diet in order to know how to stop binge eating disorder effectively.

12. Keep Fit At Home

No matter how frequent people want to enjoy in the gym, they cannot go to the gym every day, particularly in these busy days. They should be creative and do workouts at their home where possible, and they can invest in cheap and mobile equipment like chin up bars and dumbbells.

13. Invest In A Wii Console

Fitness tips for beginners - Invest In A Wii Console

The Wii games was released, due to the emphasis on exercises and the interactive nature. Wii Fitness Program contains a host of many diverse exercises and right instructions on how to finish them in the right way, while all players can also access their vital information with nutrition.

14. Set Motivational Goals

As people who have ever kept fit can testify, this is time when all people want to give in. To stay away from this situation, beginners need to know how to set weight loss goals in order to support and maintain their desires to lose weight. Their goals maybe change over time, especially when people have achieved one lever and want to move on with the next levers.

15. Integrating Exercise Into Everyday Life

Fitness tips for beginners - Integrating Exercise Into Everyday Life

Exercise is not all about muscle work outs or some high intensity cardios as everyday daily activities like walking, running have the same effect on burning calories. Strive to run or walk possible places and integrate consistent and gentle activities into daily life.

16. Check Your Vitals 

Before beginners join in the gym, it is very important that they need to get their vitals checked, like their body mass index. Checking their physiological vitals is extremely necessary before taking up all kinds of exercises. For a gentle and smooth exercise regime, people should get their blood pressure, and pulse rate and then resting the heart rate checked.

17. Stay Loose

Fitness tips for beginners - Stay Loose

One of the important fitness tips for beginner is that they usually tense up when they work out. They should ensure that their body acclimatizes to the intense physical exercises. However, they should relax their idle muscles and focus on these that they are working during their exercises.

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18. Avoid Taking Calls

Technology is the bane and the boon of the existence. And phone is the big source of the distraction. The best idea is to switch off the phone during the workout session. If that is not possible in the case, at least put it on the silent. The continuous Whats app pings can not play with the mind and force people to check the phone in every 5 minutes. It is a bad gym etiquette too!

This full writing contains 18 fitness tips for beginners who want to lose their weight and get in fit. Any reader wants to leave their comments, feel free drop words at the end of this writing. We always welcome any comment and supporting idea for this post!