35 killer ways on how to build self confidence & self esteem

8. Flirt

This is one of fun ways on how to build self confidence. Doing so will not only help you boost confidence but also help you play around and connect with other people. [Read: flirting tips for shy guys]

9. Focus On Contribution

People often focus too much on themselves and seem ignore the demands of other people. If you focus on contribution, you will boost self confidence and help yourself contribute with maximum efficiency without worrying about your own flaws.

10. Reward Yourself

Look at your achievements or success when you have gained them. Recognizing your win is really not egotistical, but healthy.

How To Build Self Confidence - Flirt

11. Each Day Do One Things That Makes Your Smile

For learning how to build self confidence, every day you should try to find out one thing that can make you smile. It does not matter you smile from inside or outside. Just a simple smile can be a booster for your confidence.

12. Stop Playing Multiple Roles

Stop squeezing yourself into boxes based on what you think other people hope you to do like.

13. Ask For Help

Do not think that you have to everything by yourself. Sometimes, confidence means that you are willing to ask for some help.

14. Go Off Auto-Pilot

Make those deliberate decisions on what actually matters to you.

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