35 killer ways on how to build self confidence & self esteem

15. Looking Silly Does Not Matter

Many people are afraid of looking silly. So, they do not express themselves. No one is perfect. It is not a big problem, simply say to yourself, “it does not matter”. [Read: ways to look sexy but elegant]

16. Do Not Think You Cannot Be Confident

Do not let your thoughts stop you. Look for the good things in each of your actions. You will not become confident if you do not think you cannot. So, start building your confidence from your mind first.

17. Let Go Of The “Out-Of-Date” Rules

A lot of out-dated rules determine your action, what should do, should not do, and do not do. They will limit your behavior. Just let yourself feel free to make lucid, great decisions.

18. Do Not Beat Up Yourself

If you continually get annoyed with your own as you have just done something stupid or lost a chance, stop doing that. Instead, be honest and realize what you can gain from that situations and what you lost.

19. Let Yourself Be Scared

Being scared, in fact, does not mean you are not confident. That is simply you have just gone somewhere brand new.

20. Go Outside

Instead of staying at home and being nervous about your problems, go to a networking event and concentrate on how you could be helpful for others. Do not stick with the ones you know.

21. Welcome All Experiences

Let yourself receive both good stuff and bad stuff. Acknowledge every experience.

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