35 killer ways on how to build self confidence & self esteem

22. Get Out The Drama

Do not let yourself get swept on those dramas, instead, you should find a proper way to engage in things happening in your life.

How To Build Self Confidence - Keep Your Mind Well Fed

23. Keep Your Mind Well Fed

List down 20 things that make your mind feel nourished and give them the room in your own life. [Read: positive thinking exercises]

24. Spend More Time Around Those Who Encourage You

You need to be around those make you feel to be YOU. Spend less time with people who undermine you.

25. Stop Struggling With Your Life

When it comes to learning how to build confidence, it is necessary for you to stop struggling against the things that you do not want in your life.

26. Develop The Skills You Need

To build self confidence from inside, you need to learn and develop those skills which allow you to achieve the things you wish. By that way, you will promote the chances of success and winning.

27. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

Do not try to validate your instincts through comparison. You are peachy as you really are.

28. Nothing Wrong With Being Shy With New Ones

If you feel shy when meeting new people, then it is normal. Do not over think that as the more you think, the worse it might be.

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