35 killer ways on how to build self confidence & self esteem

29. Evaluate Your Strengths Over Weaknesses

Use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. Your disadvantages will not undermine yourself if you do not let them.

How To Build Self Confidence - Make Your List Simple

30. Make Your List Simple

To learn how to build self confidence, you need to make a list of to-do things. Do not make your to-do list to complicated or over your capability. The longer it is, the more it is likely to drain you. Get things done before add new ones.

31. Avoid Being Dependent On A Certain Relationship

Do not let someone validate you. Find your own inherent value, then your confidence and your relationship will be better immeasurably.

32. Try New Paths

Let a new path wake you up as the well-trodden paths in your current life might turn from familiarity to disconnection.

33. Switch To Concentrating Outwards

Whenever you feel you will become paralyzed with fear or doubt, try to switching to focus outwards, particularly at what you could engage in as well as interact with.

34. Make A Plan Before Doing Something

This tips on how to build self confidence seems so familiar, but once you make deliberate choices to follow through, you will get self-reinforcement.

35. Look At Those Who Seem Confident

If you cannot do it by yourself, you can look at those who seem so confident that you really respect. However, do not be a copy. Identify what make them different from the average people and learn from it.

These 35 ways on how to build self confidence have helped thousands of people worldwide gain their confidence and achieve success in life. Apply them and you will see noticeable improvements within a short period of time.
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