7 things women want in a man – reveal women secrets

Do you know the differences between a nice guy and a great guy? That sounds similar, yet in fact, those differences can determine whether or not a man can attract the woman he loves or not. Find out things women want in a man and what it might take to be a great guy that all ladies are crazy about.

In reality, most of men are rather confused about what women really want in a man. Actually, women, as the weak group of gender, tend to be drawn to some guys, and likewise, women cannot help yet drift away from some other guys. So, the question is: what makes a man a great guy and what makes him a passerby? The answer may be not clear and exact as a formula. Yet, there are some traits of a great guy that all women love. Now, let’s dive headfirst into 7 things women want in a man, collected by WikiYeah.

things women want in a man

  1. A Man Who Could Respect Her

This seems easy to do, yet do you actually respect your girlfriend or wife?

Generally, most men often consider themselves to be know-it-alls and assume that they are much better than their partner in all ways. And, if you think that your girlfriend is just a sexy arm candy, then how could you ever respect her?

  1. A Man Who Could Really Love Her

Maybe, you could give your girlfriend or wife a luxury vacations, yet, that is not really the definition of love. Fact is, true love does not means that you have to give her something expensive, impressive, or special, that is simply the way you show your love to her. It is not necessary for you to indulge in the public display in terms of affection or cuddle every night while watching television. What you should do is to let your woman know how much she means to you. Once you really love a woman, then pleasing her will come naturally. Just care about her feelings and be excited to hear about her working day when getting back home. Spend time watching a TV program or playing game with her in the weekend, or any simple thing you could do with her. These little things really matter in a relationship.

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  1. A Man Who Could Protect Her

Yes, women like to be loved and protected. Women, as independent as they might be, still love to be in the company of a man whom they could rely upon in an edgy situation. In simple words, they love to be taken care of regardless of the circumstance. Could you become that guy?

  1. A Man She Could Look Up To

All men have their own role models. The models could be a freedom fighter, a business tycoon, a bodybuilder, or an NFL play. You idolize their as they inspire you to become a better guy. Similarly, if you want to know what women want in a man, just become a man who could inspire people.

You do not have to win the Nobel Prize or tons of dollars, yet if you could make a significant difference in your own ways, you can be that man. Just be a great speaker, a good conversationalist, or a great football player – anything else that is useful and beneficial in your own life. Women will be impressed with your skills and they will brag about it, love you for it.

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  1. A Man Who Is Really Passionate

Those men who show a lot of passion, not only in bed, but in many other fields of the life can attract women more easily than those who do not. Passionate men are mysterious and inspiring, and women really love that.

When meeting a passionate man, women could not care less about his insider. They often wonder what it is that makes them so passionate. There is something sexy and attractive about these men. This mystery draws women to them. So, if possible you should be passionate about something really meaningful, be it your own woodwork hobby, your entrepreneurial venture, or your love with writing books or painting. Then, you woman will definitely love you for the passion and excitement that you are bringing into her boring life.

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  1. A Man Who Is Ambitious

Those ambitious men can be laughed at, yet when they make it big, they are the sneering ones who could say “who is laughing now?”

If is often said that being ambitious is easy, yet if you do not do something about that ambition and work your way towards it every day, then who is going to care who you are and if you could achieve that ambition. Ambitious guys are not those who continually think of great things, they are the guys who do great things. Therefore, be that guy and women will love you and want you. Think big and achieve it. If you could ever be this guy, you are on the top of the gene pool, and obviously, you are exactly Mr. Irresistible.

  1. A Man Who Could Groom Himself

 Now, let hit the fundamentals again. You wish a stunning woman with curves like a coke bottle, and a freak in bed, a dirty talker and a great talker, and so on. But, seriously, what did you  give her and what are you giving in return?

The world is so fair as long as you play fair. If you want to be with a woman who is attractive physically, then you have to do whatever you could to look good for her too. That is the reason why you should hit the gym more often, go for daily jog if possible, or anything that works for you. Dress well; use manly cosmetics and perfumes to make her attracted to you. Look like the celebrity on the roads so women will automatically trail you like you are a real celebrity.