6 Easy Ways on How to Use Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids

Almond oil, extracted from almonds, is categorized into two types based on its taste. They are bitter and sweet almond oil. Bitter almond oil is quite dangerous for people if it is ingested while sweet almond oil is enjoyed by many people for its skincare and healthcare benefits. This kind of oil contains a high concentration of vitamins E and K, so people’s skin usually becomes smooth and flawless after applying it regularly. It also helps individuals avoid exposing to UV rays which are harmful to their skin. 

Moreover, sweet almond oil is also used to cure rashes for adults and even children. Apart from skincare benefits, it brings advantages to people’s health. Being rich in vitamins E and K, sweet almond oil prevents people from cancer, diabetes, heart diseases especially hemorrhoids. This article will focus on helping you understand how to use almond oil for hemorrhoids and piles relief. Check out on WikiYeah.com!

Hemorrhoids – A Brief

First of all, you should get general information about hemorrhoids or piles. Hemorrhoids or piles cause from swelling of the veins in the anus. Things will go awry when such veins get swollen and inflamed which may result in bleeding and pain. These problematic veins could be external or internal. This makes people painful and uncomfortable when they have a bowel movement or sit down. Many people have to consult doctors for medical intervention and even surgery. Fortunately, it is proven that hemorrhoids home treatment is very effective thanks to essential oils. Almond oil is one of the best essential oils to deal with external hemorrhoids [1].

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly recommended for treating hemorrhoids at home as they can instantly address the issue by:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Alleviate pain, burning and itching associated with piles
  • Shrink blood vessels naturally back to their usual size
  • Stop the bleeding through healing the rupture
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Being safe for most people, including pregnant women

There are many ways to cure hemorrhoids as below:

How To Use Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids Or Piles Relief – 6 Effective Ways

Almond oil for hemorrhoids

1. Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids – Topical Sweet Almond Oil Application

Sweet almond oil is able to ease soreness, itching, inflammation and burning in the anus very quickly. Use your clean finger to take some sweet almond oil and apply it directly and deeply inside the anal region. This remedy helps to kill bacteria and decrease inflammation in skin immediately. Therefore, the painful and itchy symptoms of hemorrhoids disappear. Use this home treatment whenever you want to pass stools.

You can also mix sweet almond oil with Geranium oil at equal rate and this mixture can treat both internal and external hemorrhoids.

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2. Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids – Use Sweet Almond Oil And A Cotton Ball

As mentioned before in this list of tips on how to use almond oil for hemorrhoids, sweet almond oil includes a high level of vitamin E and has the quality of softening and moisturizing skin. It can also reduce inflammation in skin. Almond nutrients can imbue deeply into skin’s tissues and cure hemorrhoids that cause pain and burning. This kind of treatment is mainly applied topically to external hemorrhoids.

To carry out this remedy, you should prepare pure sweet almond oil and a cotton ball. Steep the cotton ball with pure almond oil. Then apply it on the affected region. Wait for 30 minutes. After that, clean the area with warm water. Try to repeat the process several times a day.

3. Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids – Use Sweet Almond Oil And Coconut Oil

Sweet almond oil can be applied to anus area directly as listed above or can be mixed with a base oil (carrier oil) before use. In this situation, base oil is used with the aims to dilute the beginning oil. Carrier oils can be olive oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, jojoba or castor oil. However, coconut oil is a kind of popular base oil.Firstly, mix a tablespoon of sweet almond oil with the same amount of coconut oil in a bowl. Soak a cotton ball into the bowl and apply it on the hemorrhoids areas. You should do the process regularly for best results.

This is known as an effective tip on how to use almond oil for hemorrhoids, especially external hemorrhoids thanks to the anti-inflammatory as well as deep skin absorption properties of these oils. When using the mixture, it makes the inflamed areas moisturized and decreases itching and burning symptoms, as a result.
4. Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids – Utilize Sweet Almond Oil And Patchouli Oil

Traditionally, patchouli oil was used to cure some common diseases such as cold and diarrhea. Nowadays, this herbal plant can help people to avoid itching and pain of hemorrhoids, which is shown through several researches. It becomes one of the best essential oils to treat hemorrhoids.

Things to make the combination includes one teaspoon of sweet almond oil and three drops of patchouli oil. At first, combine sweet almonds oil with patchouli oil to create a mixture. Second, use a clean cloth to apply the combination on the hemorrhoids areas. Wait for some minutes. Do the process once a day for one or two weeks.

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5. Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids – Use Mixture Of Various Essential Oils

Blending many types of essential oils will solve the itch and pain problems that hemorrhoids bring about. In order to make the mixture, blend 5 drops of geranium oil, 4 drops of lavender oil,3 drops of chamomile oil with 40 drops of base oil (such as sweet almond, jojoba or castor oil). You can store the mixture in a glass bottle. Apply some drops on the hemorrhoids section daily.

6. Almond Oil For Hemorrhoids – Have Sitz Bath

Take a sitz bath daily to decrease pain and improve healing process. Sitz bath, in essence, is a warm shallow bath which is made particularly to cleanse the anal, help with hygiene, and decrease itching or pain from the genital and rectal area.

Just simply add 8 drops of almond oil to your warm bath water, then soak yourself in this solution to experience the healing and cleansing effects of a sitz bath.

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In conclusion, almond oil is a wonderful substance for people to do home hemorrhoids treatment efficiently thanks to its ability of soothing skin and anti-inflammation. With the benefits it brings to human beings, almond oil should be considered as a gift of nature. Convinced that essential oils (including almond oil) might help you treat hemorrhoids woes? Great! There are still other essential oils to use to address particular issues accompanied by hemorrhoids. Check out in our Health Category in the next time.