9 amazing health benefits of kissing in a relationship

We all know that kissing feels good – yet did you know it could help you liver a healthier, longer life? How? Here Wikiyeah.com reveals some of amazing health benefits of kissing in a relationship. Check out now!

9 Benefits Of Kissing – Kiss For A Healthier Life

Benefits Of Kissing

  1. Decrease Blood Pressure

The first one in this list of benefits of kissing is a natural solution for high blood pressure. Kissing is good for your heart as it keeps your blood pressure as well as cholesterol level low. A research pointed out that an enhanced frequency of kissing could decrease stress and increase relationship satisfaction, and reduced cholesterol levels. Therefore, kisses can keep your heart healthy and stabilize the cardiovascular system.

  1. Keep Your Pearly White Cleaner

Though it is certainly no replacement for brushing your teeth, kissing could break down the oral plaque and prevent cavities via stimulating the creation of saliva. As a result, the bacteria will be washed away from the surface of your teeth. That is why kissing is considered as the natural cleansing process. Saliva can wash out the mouth and assist in removing the cavity-causing food particles which accumulate after meals. The minerals within saliva also help rebuild tooth enamel, thereby preventing decay. Thus, kissing not only helps you cleanse teeth naturally, but also allows you to end up saving money on the dental bills. [See: fun first date ideas]

  1. Keep A Younger Looking Face

Have you ever notice that those loving, happy couples naturally retain the air of youth, even when they grow older? Indeed, kissing could give people a facelift. While kissing, you are using more than 30 facial muscles, which could keep the muscles smooth and tight as well. Also, it can prevent your own cheeks from sagging. Kissing is considered as a face workout, thereby toning and tightening the facial muscles and minimizing those visible signals of aging.

  1. Improve Mood Decrease Stress

When kissing, ever notice how great you feel? It is like you are floating on cloud nine, all your worries melt away, and you even feel like you could do nothing. This is due to the natural antidepressant released while kissing. However, kissing does not just promote the production of feel-good chemicals within the human body, but it also lowers the cortisol as well as cholesterol levels. [See: how to ask a shy guy to ask you out]

  1. Relieve Pain Naturally

When it comes to health benefits of kissing, aside from oxytocin, kissing also releases other feel-good stuffs in your body, containing phenylethylamine and dopamine. In fact, dopamine is largely responsible for the emotions of pleasure and motivation to engage in those pleasurable activities. On the other hand, endorphins, also known as peptides, can relieve pain in the human body, yet they could lead to the feelings of euphoria as well. Phenylethylamine, which is found in chocolate, is thought to affect the attention and mood. When these substances are released, they result in sensations of euphoria and giddiness.

  1. Increase Your Emotional Connection

Hugging is good, yet there is nothing like a sweet kiss that connects you and your partner on a deep level. Some people say it is truly the most intimate exchange 2 individuals could have. Whether you have been dating for 3 months or even 3 years, do not forget to kiss your lover. [See: body language signs of attraction]

  1. Burn Calories

When you lean in as kissing, your lips touch, and of course, your heart probably beats faster than it usual does. When the heart beat faster, it releases adrenaline – known as epinephrine and other neurotransmitters in the blood. Thanks to the boost in adrenaline, your metabolism will be improved, thereby burning calories. A kiss lasting for about 20 seconds could burn up to 2-3 calories each minute.

  1. Promote Self-Confidence

Want to know how to build self confidence naturally? Go for kissing. It sounds crazy, but it does help you to build self esteem. It is pointed out that men who got a passionate kiss before leaving for work earn more money, according a survey. This suggests that a kiss makes people feel happier, enhances self-esteem, and more productive at work.

  1. Reveal The Sexual Compatibility

The last but not least important health benefits of kissing is that kissing could be abarometer for sexual compatibility.It could be a great way to check out a potential partner for sexual compatibility before getting naked and emotionally involved. However, if your first liplock with a new lover is meh, you need to give the lover one more shot. [See: the ultimate dating guide – Tao of badass book]

Apart from the 9 amazing health benefits of kissing above, there are plenty more benefits to kissing…but I am guessing that you already have your favorite reasons. What are your favorite reasons? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your words in the comment box below.

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