10 annoying girlfriend habits that men hate

There are some habits of an annoying girlfriend that piss boyfriends off. Men love women but they can’t bear some annoying girlfriend habit. Oftentimes, they are the things making men want to stop talking and just be angry in their own space as they hate being angry at their girlfriends. Here’s a detailed list of annoying girlfriend habits that annoy most men. Read on to avoid them as much as possible. Take a look from WikiYeah!

10 Annoying Girlfriend Habits

Annoying girlfriend habits

1. When You Talk About Relationship Issues In Public

Among many annoying girlfriend habits, most men hate it when their women discuss personal issues with other people, particularly in public or on social networks. When a woman has a hard time in their relationship, she will tweet about it or update in on her wall. Of course, fights are common in relationships and everyone has at least one confidant who they could go for advice, yet they never publish their fights as well as issues in public.

2. When You Jokingly Flirt With Other Guys

Despite jokes are good, sometimes they could hurt. A man may say that his woman is “cool” and that she is casual around other men, but it still hurts them a little bit inside due to the “possessive” element. Perhaps, they may not say it out loud because they do not want to be thought as narrow-minded guys, but they are possessive as they love you, and want you to be theirs alone.

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3. When You Asks Him If You Look Fat

This is very ridiculous. Couldn’t you look at yourself in the mirror and tell the truth about what you see in the mirror? When you ask such question, all men already know what they have to answer you: “No, you are not fat!”

Actually, they do not have other choices to answer it. If you man tells you that your butt looked ugly, then you would not wear that sexy dress to go out with him. That is why he cannot tell the truth to you. Many women ask their men the same question day by day. Whilst it might be a sure sign of a security when you ask your boyfriend such questions, it is a type of question of which the answer will not change. [Read: 9 things you should never ask your boyfriend]

4. When You Do Not Know Their Efforts

Maybe, your boyfriend’s tiny effort is nothing to you and all you care is the major chunk of it all that might hurt your boyfriend a lot. This is one of annoying girlfriend habits men hate. When their efforts are not noticed or acknowledged, it hurts more than anything to feel undervalued.

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