10 annoying girlfriend habits that men hate

5. When You Do Not Understand His Passion

For men, they are interested in many things. Those interests might be useless or sometime silly, yet to a guy, it is his own passion, be it bikes, cars or fishing. Men hate it when their women do not understand his own passions or tell them to stop acting like a child. To avoid this habit, you should spend time with him and genuinely understand his passion.

6. When You Try To Take Change Him

The majority of men understand that women want men to become the ones of their dreams. However, it just annoys men a lot, even if it is just a little bit. If it is a healthy change, it is acceptable, be it giving up smoking or doing exercise. Yet, if it is a negative change which happens when you want him to think via a totally different perspective or to be a different person, it annoys him so much. Does it hurt when your man does not support your goals and dreams? So does your man feel when you do so with him.

7. When You Are Too Independent

Are you a clingy girlfriend? If yes, then it is one of bad habits of an annoying girlfriend. This might seem weird, but men do not want their women to be clingy or independent. Everyone needs space to breathe on their safe heaven and do not want another one to constantly watch their move. Learning how to give your boyfriend space is what you should put effort into if you are super clingy. Personal space is highly important in relationships, it keeps people sane. You might love your partner more than anything else in the world, yet you should still have to keep in mind who you are after all.

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