10 annoying girlfriend habits that men hate

8. When You Cannot Leave Your Phone In “Together” Time

Men hate it when their women could not stay away from their smartphones during the “together” time. He wants your attention and wants you to complete your undivided attention.

9. When You Have Too Many Male Friends

Another habit of an annoying girlfriend is having too many guy friends. This is very natural for both genders. It is annoying for women when their men have too many female friends and the same goes for men when their girlfriends have too many male friends. Those people thinking this is such a “narrow-minded” are either not in a real relationship or too scared to admit it. This is not about trust.

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10. When You Suspect His Life Goals

This may be one of the most overlooked annoying girlfriend habits. Do you often question your man’s life goals day in and day out, all the time, as you just want you to live life according to your and his way sounds weird to you? It is super annoying, so avoid it.

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