10 common awkward conversations you need to have with your partner

Though the talks defining the relationship are the one that many couples dreads, there are even worse conversations. Awkward conversations contain lot of sweating, fidgeting, hawing and hemming. It is like an annoying relative of the family that you have to talk with during family meetings, despite you can’t bear them. So why are awkward conversations essential in a serious relationship? Awkward conversations, in essence, are uncomfortable as there is a sensitivity of topics being discussed. If you and your partner are open-minded, it will not be an issue at all. However, unluckily, there are some things too sensitive for discussing. Regardless of how much you are open-minded about these things, you still have to consider how your partner really feels about addressing it.

Yet, once you get done, you could breathe a relieving sigh, as you eventually cleaned the air with your significant other. Even when you do not get the reactions that you wanted, there will be something to be said about really handling with the issue, instead of just sweeping it under the rug. Check out 10 out of most common awkward conversations you need to have with your partner from Wikiyeah.com!

10 Common Awkward Conversations Between Partners

Awkward conversations you need to have with your partner

1. The Chance Of Marriage

What is a good age to get married? The discussion related to the time to marry, in fact, should not be an awkward conversation. Nonetheless, the chance of a marriage is a different story. Not every couple are open to the idea of getting married, even those in serious relationship. If your couple has never discussed about it before, then the moment to do it could be so harrowing, particularly if you do not know how they are going to react. Many relationships have faltered because of the little hesitation at the “marriage” word. Therefore, you had better prepare yourself for every possibility, as you may not hear the answers of your want.

2. Being Caught In A Cheat Or Lie

A lie, despite small or big, is still a lie. It is among the most common but also damaging sins in all relationships. Once getting caught, particularly upon lying about the serious stuff, you will be proven that you are not trustworthy. Later, doubt will set in.

When you have an opportunity to explain about your lie, it will be extremely emotional. Nevertheless, the awkwardness often comes with the admittment that you did it. You have to give explanations why you did it and how you will fix your broken relationship due to that lie. Begging may be involved.

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3. Talk About STD

Admittedly, this might be the most awkward and disconcerting subject when it comes to awkward conversations between partners. Not many people are keen on admitting to how many lover or partners that they have had – particularly if the number triggers the concern. Many couples think that it is unlikely that they suffer from an STD. No dice, no symptoms. However, that is where things could go wrong. Many STDs have long periods of incubating, including HIV and many even are asymptomatic, such as Chlamydia in the early stage. For some people, being required to be tested could be as bad as being questioned to strip naked in front of other people. All in all, it depends on how seriously they take the concern of their partner.

4. Ask For The Thing You Know They Will Not Agree To

In relationships, nothing is much more awkward that asking and being said “no” to. Despite you know that there is a slight chance that your significant other will say “yes”, you still do it because you cannot sleep if you do not.

The problem here is that those kinds of conversations are defined to fail. It is because you understand your partner well enough to figure out their reaction. If it is something very important, such as purchasing a sports car or a dog, you still want check with your partner. [MORE: 9 things you should never ask your boyfriend]

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