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Adding bananas to your diet plan has an array of benefits in your body. Bananas are one of nature’s snack foods, yet did you know how good they are? This yellow peel fruit comes with both beauty and health benefits. Ahead on are top beauty and health benefits of banana for skin, hair, and more that will improve the way you look and feel.

Top 17 Benefits Of Banana – You Should Know

1. More Energy

Due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals, bananas are considered as a good source of natural energy. Just eating two bananas could give people enough energy to exercise for an hour and a half. You can take advantage of bananas in the midday lull when you feel sluggish and tired. So, instead of consuming a sugary snack, or drinking coffee, bananas could supply you a high level of energy which lasts longer without any dramatic crash resulted by caffeine.

However, some individuals worry about banana consumption as it might spike blood sugar, but prestigious tests show that they really have a glycemic index of around 52 with 24g of available carbs.

2. Boost Digestion

Bananas are a great source of dietary fiber which most of people do not get enough in their daily diet plan. Fibers could help the food you eat move smoothly through your digestive tract naturally. Just a couple of bananas might be a healthier option than laxatives when it comes to treating constipation.

Because this fruit is high in fructooligosaccharide which acts as a probiotic, so it could stimulate the development and acitivity of probiotics in the colon and produce the enzymes that can promote the absorption of nutrients, thereby increasing the digestive ability as well as preventing unfriendly bacteria from harming the body.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Research points out potassium included in banana can keep blood pressure under control and increase the consumption of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Therefore, it can help people decrease the high blood pressure level and keep it in check naturally.

4. Increase Brain Power

When it comes to health benefits of banana, we cannot overlook the positive effects on the brain power. The potassium in banana can keep the mental faculties vigilant and promote learning abilities. Also, it is a rich source of B vitamins and thus perks up nerve function.

5. Lower Cholesterol

Want to know how to lower your cholesterol level? Go for banana. It is said that Pectin that is a soluble fiber in banana can assist people in lowering cholesterol levels. Those fibres which are water soluble like pectin, beta-glucan, and psyllium could lower the bad cholesterol – LDL cholesterol while still keeping the good cholesterol – HDL cholesterol stable.

6. Support Renal Health

As mentioned above in this list of benefits of banana, this fruit is a good source of potassium, so if you consume bananas regularly in moderation, you will improve renal health naturally. Also, this is a rich source of antioxidant phenolic compounds, thus, if consumed together with root vegetables and cabbage, it can protect your renal health.

7. Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Many prestigious studies point out that regular intake of banana can reduce the occurrence of heart disease and stroke thanks to the high amount of potassium.

8. Decrease The Risk Of Cancer

Due to the rich source of antioxidants and dietary fiber available in banana, consumption of bananas will dramatically alleviate the risk of different types of cancer, particularly bowel cancer.

9. Good For Pregnant Women

Due to their calming properties, pregnant women should eat bananas in order to fight off their morning sickness. They also help people replenish the human body as well as restore a healthy blood glucose level. Moreover, it could regulate the temperature of a pregnant woman. [See: nutrition tips for pregnant women]

10. Build Healthy Bones

Thanks to the probiotic bacteria appearance, this fruit promotes the ability of absorbing calcium in the human body. Therefore, consuming bananas can help in building stronger and better bones.

11. Fight Off Stomach Ulcers

Some substances in bananas are able to stimulate the cells that make up the stomach lining, thereby producing a thicker mucus barrier against stomach acids. In other words, protease inhibitors presenting in bananas can help you get rid of bacteria in the stomach which produces stomach ulcers. Thus, consuming banana can help in protecting against the damage of stomach and ulcer.

12. Improve Vision

When it comes to foods highest in vitamin A , which is beneficial for the vision, carrots might be one of top ones. However, bananas do their share as well. Bananas include a small yet significant amount of vitamin A which is necessary for protecting the eyes, maintaining good vision, and improved vision at night. And, like other fruits, bananas could help in preventing macular degeneration.

13. Alleviate Heartburn

Thanks to the antacid substance presented in bananas, those people who consume this type of fruit regularly could get immense relief from heartburn.

14. Recover From Hangover

When blended with yogurt and honey, bananas could cure hangover.

15. Good For Weight Loss

Banana is also one of healthy foods to lose weight you can consume. As bananas consist of loads of fiber and low amounts of fat, they are easily digestible. If you consume a banana of 100gr, you are taking about 90 calories. So, it does not offer too much calories, helping maintaining a healthy weight. [See: effective weight loss guide – old school new body book]

16. Prevent Insomnia

Bananas are considered as one of natural remedies for insomnia, when it comes to foods to alleviate sleep disorders. Bananas are rich in amino acid called Trytophan. This substance triggers the production of melatonin – a sleep hormone – that induces sleep. Hence, you can eat bananas a few hours before going to bed to make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

17. Good For Skin And Hair

Bananas have nutrients necessary for the skin. Actually, they consist of a large amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin C which plays an important role in maintaining the elasticity as well as integrity of the skin. In addition, as the rich source of antioxidants and manganese, bananas helps you protect your body from damage resulted by oxygen free radicals which are the causes of premature aging of the human skin.

  • You can use banana as a natural moisturizer by mashing a ripe banana and apply it on your facial skin. Wait for about 15-25 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water. By that way, you will get softer and whiter skin. also, you can add honey to that face mask to get rid of pigmentation naturally.
  • Using banana also helps you get glowing skin. Due to the large amount of vitamin C presented, bananas can maintain the youthful and natural glow of the skin. You can combine lemon juice, honey, sandalwood to create a suitable face mask for your skin type. If you use appropriately, you can reduce the appearance of spots, blemishes, and keep the skin moisturized naturally. [See: foods highest in vitamin C]
  • Another one in this list of health and beauty benefits of banana is playing a role as skin scrubs. Due to the high value of antioxidants, you can make use of banana and mix it with some special ingredients to get rid of dead skin, and leave it feeling rejuvenated. Some ingredients could be oats, milk, sugar, uncooked rice, coconut milk, or strawberries. You can alternate them and choose the best face mask suitable for your skin type.
  • Other beauty benefits of banana are treating itchy skin, curing acne, packing for wrinkles, treating psoriasis and warts, and relieving dandruff. So, you can expect the effectiveness of having smooth skin and hair without using any kind of drugs or artificial beauty products. [See: how to get rid of acne]

Top 17 benefits of banana above are collected from people around the world, both experts and normal people. You can consider them and start making use of banana from now as it is great for your overall health.

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