12 beauty secrets from around the world you need to try

4. From India: Hair Oiling

It is noticeable that Indian women have gorgeous, shiny hair. It is because their sleek hair is often applied by oils. The oil treatments are generally olive oil, and almond oil. Indian women apply oil treatments once per week. If you want to do hair oiling, you could make use of olive oil once a week rather than your usual deep conditioner. [Read: foods for healthy skin]

5. From Australia: Yarrow Extract For Stretch Marks

If you are suffering from stretch marks, then you should take advantage of the beauty secret from Australia. These unsightly marks appear after people have had a quick growth spurt, or weight gain, or during pregnancy. Once shown up, these stretch marks are hardly to disappear by their own. However, that does not mean you have to stick with them forever. By making use of yarrow extract, you could remove stretch marks naturally. Yarrow root include anti-inflammatory compounds and could also moisturize the human skin. Thanks to the combination of these factors, yarrow extract could soothe and heal the skin irritations and healing old wounds such as stretch marks. Or, you can search for stretch mark cream which include yarrow root extract for an effective, natural stop for stretch marks. [Read: how to treat acne scars naturally]

6. From Egypt: Milk Bathing

This is among weird beauty secrets from around the world. It is reported that Egytian women have their silky and smooth skin thanks to milk baths that they take regularly. You just need to add 2 cups of powdered milk to the bath water and soak your body into that mixture to have smooth skin.

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