12 beauty secrets from around the world you need to try

7. From France: Adhere To A Strict Skincare Routine

In reality, French women take their own skin care routine seriously. It does not mean that there is a certain brand of skin care that they universally claim is best, it is that they make skincare their top priority. French women follow a skincare regime faithfully, such as not going to bed with a makeup or skipping the moisturizer.

8. From Brazil: Oatmeal for sunburn healing

We all know that there are many benefits of oat for the human health and skin. It is no wonder because oatmeal includes a large amount of minerals and vitamins that the human body needs. Brazilians uses oats for easing their pain of speed healing and sunburn. So, how could you do it? The next time when having bad sunburn, you tie up some oats in the gauze and position it over the tap for the bathtub. Turn it on before filling the tub, letting the water filter through the covering bags. Then, soak in bath to get a quick relief from the sunburn. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory healing properties, oats are good for skin health. [Read: beauty tips for dry skin]

9. From Dominican Republic: Garlic For Nails

This is another good secret from South Africa. If your nails are brittle which break all the time, then you can strengthen it by using garlic. Ladies coming from Dominican Republic chop the fresh garlic and add it to the clear nail polish. So, you can do it similarly. Wait about 1-1.5 week to reapply it to your nails. Additionally, garlic has antibacterial properties that are also good for your nails.

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