11 homemade beauty tips for dry skin you need to know

Dry, itchy skin could be unbearable. In fact, dry skin happen any time during the year, yet is most prevalent in winter. In winter, the human skin will dry up and the dead layers will flake off from the surface. The majority of skin products which are suitable for dry skin are very expensive because they come with fortifying oils and additional beauty benefits. Therefore, homemade beauty tips for dry skin and home remedies are the way for people to go. The truth is, not only are they less expensive, but they are also easy to find, very effectively and reusable. Here, from Wikiyeah.com, we share some top homemade beauty tips for dry skin that you should not overlook to get healthy, glowing skin in such an all-natural way.

11 Beauty Tips For Dry Skin – Fortify Your Dry Skin At Home

Beauty tips for dry skin

1. Keep Water Lukewarm, Not Hot

This is one of the most basic beauty tips for dry skin that you need to keep in mind. Hot water, in essence, will rob of the moisture of the human skin, causing dry skin. Thus, it is best for you to shower in lukewarm water. If you could not follow this rule in winter, then you should keep the shower short and try showering only once per day. This also means that you should skipping hot tubs. The hot temperature combined with drying chemicals like soap, is torture on the dry skin. Apply the same rule for hand washing. Avoid washing your hands in hot water. [Read: how to treat acne scars naturally]

2. Exfoliate On A Weekly Or Semi-Weekly Basis

What are important beauty tips for dry skin? Moisturizer is more effective on an appropriately exfoliated skin. You can use a sugar or salt scrub in the shower and start exfoliating the face with a mild scrub made for the face for at least once per week. dry brushing the skin before showering is also very useful to help relieve extreme dry skin. If you dry-brush on a daily basis, then you might notice a big difference in one week – particularly if you follow it with good moisturizer. You can follow the dry brushing with natural homemade facial scrub recipes right here.

3. Layer Creams Over Oils

Fact is, body creams are meant to keep natural moisture in, yet they do not add more moisture to your skin like oils do. Thus, you can apply body oils like coconut oil or almond oil before applying your favorite cream. [Read: how to get rid of acne fast]

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