9 beauty trends for fall girls should count on

After seeing through top of the best beauty websites and magazines, here Wikiyeah.com introduces top the beauty trends for fall. Check out now!

9 Beauty Trends For Fall To Count On 

1. Braids

Beauty Trends For Fall 2014 - Braids

Surprise. Braids are still the manner to wear the hair when you go into those cooler months. Obviously, there are a lot of variations on how the braids could be worn. Braids worn up woven in and around the buns are considered one of beauty trends for fall in 2014. However, those lower braids like a side fish tail are also common, too.

2. Highly Bejewlled Hair

This is an excessively bejeweled hairstyles, launched by Dolce & Gabbana. Those hair accessories are perfectly matching the chunky necklace that the model is wearing, thereby creating such a luxurious look for the special sessions. However, this trend might be not a good idea to wear on a daily basis, yet it could be a great idea to choose if you are willing to have a special night out. [Read: top uses of Vaseline]

3. Simple Nails

Beauty Trends For Fall 2014 - Simple Nails

Whilst nail art is always grateful to wear, in 2014, nails seem to stay relatively for fall. Often, dark colors are in for fall, nudes currently are the newest and biggest trend. Nudes are often more of a summer and spring choice yet they are really big for fall 2014. The neutral colors like grays and rich chocolates also get an honorable position.

4. A Touch Of Metallic

Metallic continues to be the beauty trends and shown up this fall. You could count on seeing it shown up in accessories, in clothing. Also, it makes a great appearance in eye makeup. Using metallic accessories or clothes will add a bit of glitz to your daily look. In case you are not really like this trend, you could try it on at the makeup counter. [Read: best perfumes for women]

5. Body Butters For Moisturizers

Body Butters For Moisturizers

When it comes to beauty tips for women , body butters are useful. The body lotions, body butters are the biggest beauty rend for fall 2014. If you have not ever tried the body butter before, you might be missing out. Fact is, body butter is a thicker, richer and creamier version of usual lotion. It can work much better than lotion and feel definitely luxurious going on.

6. Hair Color Will Be Toned Down

Ombre is still around yet it shows up in such a lighter and more subtle way. Girls want to add some rich warm tones in that match fall. Think caramel for blondes, auburns for redheads, and chestnut for brunettes. The looks for hair color this season are rather appealing.

7. Strong Eye, Blue Eye Makeup


When it comes to beauty trends for fall 2014, the eye makeup trend could not be skipped. Eye makeup will be stronger and bolder this season. That means you can make a lightly darker eye shadow and more emphasis on the thick, full lash. Believe it or not, you could make use of winged eyeliner once again this fall. It is not surprising when this type of makeup will bring about a sense of feminine and lovely.

On the other hand, eye blue makeup will be a great choice for girls, particularly for the romantic dates with their beloved boyfriends. [Read: how to get longer eyelashes naturally]

8. Criss-Cross Ponytail For Dramatic Looks

It is no wonder that ponytails make such a timeless beauty trend for girls and they are favorite hairstyle options of many men that a woman could choose. If you need some new manners to style a ponytail, particularly for those special events, you could look to the fall 2014 fashion show of Fendi, where the front section of the hair come minimalistic and sleek and the back section right above the pony is marked with a curious criss-crossed design. It is rather impressive, isn’t it?

9. Glossy And Light Lips

Beauty Trends For Fall 2014 - Glossy And Light Lips

Often, we see the typical red and burgundy lips that are connected closely to fall, yet surprisingly, this season, glossy and light lips are one of the biggest beauty trends for fall 2014. Typically a look which is often seen in the summer, light lips get the centre stage in this season. This will pair perfectly with your nude nails and allow the winged eyeliner to be the concentration of the face. Thus, it is a win-win trend because glossy lips could help the lips looking as well as feeling moisturized and soft. [Read: how to get pink lips]

Now, you have all the biggest beauty trends for fall 2014, what are you waiting for? Apply them right instantly. Who knows, you will get admire from other women and, of course, men too.

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