Health benefits of beans: 9 reasons why you should eat more beans

4. Lower Cholesterol

Did you know that high level of bad cholesterol – LDL cholesterol could stick to the walls of the blood vessels, leading to inflammation as well as plaque build-up? The healthy cardiovascular system is resulted from the foods you consume, and beans are a low-fat food that is right for you. It is shown that you should get at least ¾ cup of beans each day. Consuming one serving of peas, chickpeas, peas or lentils could reduce your LDL cholesterol by about 5% and the chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease by about 5-6%. [Read: how to lower your cholesterol levels]

5. Great For Heart Health

Want to know how to have a healthy heart? Then, go for beans. Actually, if you want to create a diet which is healthy for your heart, then a diet rich in beans is the answer. With every 1% reduction of total blood cholesterol, there is approximately a 2% decrease in the potential risk of heart attack. The reason why beans are good for your heart is that it is rich in fiber. Researchers found that getting an extra 7g of fiber each day could lower the risk of developing both cardiovascular disease and heart disease. Beans, in addition, are rich in potassium and magnesium – the important minerals for the human heart. Potassium can naturally eliminate excess sodium plus with water from the human system, thereby reducing blood pressure. On the other hand, magnesium could aid in regulating blood pressure and improving nerve function.

6. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Aside from to belly-filling fiber, beans are jam packed with protein which can help curb food cravings. Thanks to the fiber and protein content, beans could delay stomach emptying, so you will feel fuller for a longer span of time. Whilst many people opt for meat to have protein, most of them do not recognize that beans are packed with that nutrient too. Just ½ cup of cooked black beans includes nearly 8g of protein. Much better, due to the low-fat feature of beans, so they can be one of the healthy foods to lose weight.

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