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Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that could positively affect your heatlh and beauty as well. Treating yourself to a small amount of chocolate regularly is definitely a health message people can get behind. Take a look at some of the proven, 10 surprising benefits of dark chocolate on health and beauty that Wikiyeah.com collects from nutritionists!

10 Benefits Of Dark Chocolate – Eating Chocolate For Better Health And Beauty

1. Fill You Up

The first one in this list of benefits of dark chocolate is this. So obvious, but it does well. As dark chocolate is rich in fiber, it could keep you full. Regular chocolate consumers may do themselves a favor by treating themselves to a bite, so they will eat less. Dark chocolate does the trick much better than milk, according to a prestigious study, and might even decrease cravings for salty, sweet and fatty foods.

2. Improve Heart Heath

It is pointed out that those people who ate one or two servings of dark chocolate every week could cut the risk of heart failure by a third.

Just a square of dark chocolate consumed each day could lower blood pressure level and decrease heart attack as well as stroke by nearly 40%. That is because the content of flavonoids, antioxidant compounds which increase the mobility and flexibility of arteries and veins.

However, because these antioxidants often come with a great portion of milk, sugar, and butter, so chewing down on dark chocolate is not an excuse to overlook your workout. Exercise and chocolate really work surprisingly well together. After all, a chocolate bar has 5 times the flavonoids of one apple. [See: how to improve heart health]

3. Weight Loss

This sounds crazy, yet eating dark chocolate properly will not add a few inches to your waistline. It is proven that dark chocolate is more filling, offering a more feeling of satiety than its lighter-colored sibling. That is, the dark chocolate can alleviate the cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty foods. Thus, if you indulge in a small amount of dark chocolate, you will control your food cravings effectively. [Read: healthy foods to lose weight]

4. Prevent Diabetes

The presence of flavonoids in dark chocolate could enhance nitric oxide production, helping control insulin sensitivity. Thus, you should eat dark chocolate to prevent the potential risk of diabetes naturally.

5. Reduce Stress

There is no denying that indulging your sweet tooth every once in a while really feels great. Commonly, when times get tough, people tend to indulge themselves in chocolate stash more often than they may otherwise. That is not a good one when it comes to healthy eating habits. You know what type of havoc stress and its sneaky sidekick cortisol could wreak on the body. Anxious people said that they see a reduced level of stress when eating an ounce and a half of dark chocolate each day for 2 weeks. [See: how to overcome depression fast]

6. Sun Protection

This is one of benefits of dark chocolate on beauty. Those people who eat dark chocolate regularly which contains high amount of flavonol seem get better sun protection than those who consume low-flavanol chocolate. Thus, you should watch for the brands boasting high levels of healthy compounds.

7. Improve Brain Function And Vision

When it comes to health benefits of dark chocolate, this is a remarkable one. Dark chocolate can boost the function of the human brain. It is said that consuming high-flavanol cocoa improves the blood flow to the brain, helping boost the cognitive function in elderly individual with mental impairment. Also, it improves the verbal fluency and some risk factors for disease. On the other hand, dark chocolate consists of stimulant substances such as theobromine and caffeine, which might be an important reason dark chocolate could boost brain function in the short terms. Besides, chocolate may also increase blood flow to the retina, thereby improving eyesight naturally. [Read: the complete guide to improve eyesight naturally – Restore my vision today program]

8. Relieve Cough

Thanks to the theobromine content, dark chocolate quiets cough. This chemical is responsible for the feel-good effect of chocolate and might suppress the activity in a part of the human brain named the vagus nerve. Hence, go for dark chocolate to relieve cough naturally. [Read: benefits of banana]

9. Relieve Diarrhea

The flavonoids in cocoa can bind to a protein which regulates fluid secretion in a small intestine, potentially stopping the trots in the tracks.

10. Improve Your Sex Life

The last one when it comes to benefits of dark chocolate is boosting sex experience. This might be one of the most amazing benefits people love. Chocolate even appears to improve endurance, thereby helping your sex life. Want a night to remember? Just simply forget jewelry and roses and make sure your partner plans to treat you to some chocolate. Consuming chocolate could lead to a higher level of desire, arousal as well as satisfaction. Those women who consume at least a cube of chocolate per day experience better overall sexual function than those who do not. [See: how to improve sex drive in men and women]

Dark chocolate consists of a compound named phenylethylamine (PEA) that releases the “mood- altering” chemical – endorphins – which are produced during intercourse and intensify the feelings of attraction between 2 partners. Hence, you should eat chocolate for a promoted sex life and doubles the fun.

Here are top 10 benefits of chocolate on health and beauty that you can make use of. Add chocolate to your diet plan to see how improved your life will be, but moderation is the key.

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