Weight loss and other health benefits of flaxseed, flaxseed oil

5. Gluten-Free

Flax has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the gluten-free feature. Hence, using flax is a good idea for those with Celiac disease or those with gluten-sensitivity. They also might be a good alternative to the omega-3 fats in fish for those who have seafood allergy condition.

Another good aspect of being gluten-free of flaxseed is that it could be used as a good grain-free choice in cooking.

6. High In Antioxidants (Lignans)

Apart from the listed incredible nutrition facts, in reality, flaxseeds are also jam packed with antioxidants (lignans). Lignans are fiber-related polyphenols supplying people with many benefits like anti-aging, cellular health, and hormone balance.

Polyphenols could also support the development of probiotics within the gut and help in eliminating candida and yeast in the body.

Also being famous for the antibacterial and anti-viral properties, so consuming flax seeds regularly will be beneficial in reducing the risk of colds and flus.

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