8 good health benefits of hugging someone – WikiYeah

7. Lower Blood Pressure

The hormones released within the body after a big hug are not just good for happy feelings, but also good for our physical health. When someone hugs or touches you, the sensation on your own skin will activate pressure receptors named Pacinian corpuscles, which will send signals to the vagus nerve, the area of brain which is responsible for reducing blood pressure.

8. Use As A Therapy

Hugging is good for people as a therapy. Deep pressure touch will be the most therapeutic type of touch, and is the type of pressure applied during holding, stroking, hugging. Both human beings and animals respond positively to such deep pressure touch, especially those with psychiatric disorders and autism.

Want to do something for the next generations? Hug them when they are still little. As you have discovered health benefits of hugging above, you will have sure reasons why you should be giving hugs now, right?

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