Benefits of paleo diet: 9 reasons why you should eat paleo more?

4. Build Leaner Muscles

The Paleo diet relies heavily on animal flesh that contains healthy protein. Healthy protein is so anabolic and is used for building new cells such as muscle mass. The more muscle your body has, the better your own metabolism will work. This is because most muscles require energy to operate and in order to operate bigger muscles, you must store more energy in them. This will allow your own body to send energy to those muscle cells instead of fat cells.

And, by enhancing muscle cells and reducing fat cells, any additional energy will become glycogen in your muscle versus triglycerides in the fat cells.

5. Improve Gut Health

Sugar, artificial fats as well as other processed junk all lead to inflammation in the intestinal tract. However, if you consume too much processed foods and have lots of stress, you could get what is called “leaky gut syndrome”. The Paleo diet plan encourages people to avoid including those culprits of inflammation in their diet.

6. Feel Fuller Longer

Most diets can keep people in a constant state of hunger, yet with this Paleo diet, you will be focused on feeling good and full. You will experience less diet crashes and cheating as you are encouraged to eat whenever feeling hungry. Also, it includes a fair amount of healthy fats, thereby helping you keep the full feeling and avoid sugar or food cravings. When you eat the right mix of proteins from meat and veggies that can help you feel full, and fruits that give you the right amount of carbs and fiber, you will have no problem making it from meal to meal. [Read: best healthy diet tips from models]

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