10 benefits of sauna – is sauna good for your health and skin?

7. Improve Cardiovascular Performance

In the high temperatures of an infrared or tradition sauna, your skin will heat up and your core body temperature will increase. Thus, in response to the increased heat levels, your blood vessels near the skin will dilate and cardiac output will increase. It is said that the heart rate could increase from 60-70 bpm (beats per minute) to 110-120 bpm within the sauna, and could usually sink to below normal after cooling off. If you take advantage of sauna regularly, you will not only train the heart muscles and promote cardiac output/heart rate, but also assist your body’s regulatory system. Furthermore, cardiovascular conditioning happening during sauna bating is taken in multiple “innings”. Every time you quickly change the temperature, your heart rate will enhance by about 60%, which is so comparable to the increased confirmed during moderate exercise.

8. Burn Calories

Some people reported their amazing results of weight loss thanks to their regular sauna bathing. In some cases, sauna could be considered as an end-all weight loss tool. Some people share that they experienced a high amount of calories burnt after sauna bathing, especially those who have poor shape to start with. Over the time, sauna is treated as a useful tool when it comes to calories burning tips. The sweating process itself might require such a significant amount of energy which is derived from the transformation of carbohydrates and fat in the bodily process which burns up calories. The human body burns calories because of the acceleration of heart activity. Because heart rate is increased, it needs more oxygen, and then your body will start to convert more calories into such usable energy. [Read: easiest ways to burn fat and lose weight]

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