8 best anti aging tips for skin from top dermatologists

Wish your skin looked younger and smoother? Here, WikiYeah decides to go straight to the 10 best anti aging tips for skin that allow you to get that ageless look in natural ways. These tips are collected from the most sought-after stylists, aestheticians, and MDs in the beauty industry. Though you cannot turn back hands of time, but with these anti aging tips for skin, you will be able to slow down the process effectively.

1. Eat For Healthier Skin

Anti aging tips - Eat For Healthier Skin

Yes. It is said that what you put into your body as also what you put on your skin. You might expect that dermatologists will reveal to you miracle beauty products and techniques to get healthier skin, but the first and foremost thing you should do now is to start with the nutrients your body is absorbed. In fact, your skin is the largest organ of the body. So, what you eat will impact directly on how your skin is. Here are some dietary tips you can follow:

  • Eat plenty of omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids. These vitamins are found in olive oil, fish like salmon, ground flaxseed. In reality, fish-oil supplements are one of the simplest sources you can make use of to protect the moisture barrier.
  • Drink adequate water. Drink water in all forms. For a good start, you can drink one liter each day and then increase that amount steadily. However, based on your personal body type, the amount of water you should consume will be changed. If you are an athlete, then you should drink water much more than normal people. Keep in mind that you should not drink too much of alcohol as it might make your body dehydrated later on. Red wine contains some beneficial antioxidants, yet it could also dilate your blood vessels, leading to the ruddy-faced skin inflammation named rosacea. Besides, trade coffee for cocoa as cocoa contains high levels of two dietary flavonols, including catechin and epicatchin. These substances are proven to help protect the skin fromsun damage, improved circulation to skin cells and make the skin smoother.
  • Avoid eating processed foods or sugars. These kinds of food tend to boost inflammation, damaging the normal production of the dermal cells.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. They contain a lot of antioxidants which will slow down the aging process of your skin and also supply your skin with adequate water.

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2. Apply Sunscreen

Anti aging tips - Apply Sunscreen

According to famous dermatologists, UV exposure is considered as the top skin-ager for most people. No matter what your age is, you have to protect your skin from the sun rays. UV rays can damage your skin elasticity and causes collagen loss, which will transform into drooping, wrinkles, and a lost jawline. Also, you will suffer from roughen texture and discoloration if being under the sun for a long time. Even more, UV rays will result in skin cancers, a problem which goes further beyond mere cosmetic.

To avoid sun exposure, you should apply sunscreen. Apply a full tablespoon of sunscreen of at least 30 SPF to your skin of the face, neck, and ears.

If you forget applying sunscreen, then trying the newish makeup bases as well as moisturizers with UV protection will be a good option.

Also, by walking on the shady side of the road, you will reduce the chance of sun exposure. One more thing, when exercising outside, avoid sun from 10 am to 4 pm as this is time the sun rays are most potent.

3. Skin Care

Anti aging tips - Skin Care

When it comes to anti-aging tips for skin, it is also important to count on skin care tips. If you take care for your skin properly, you will slow down the aging process significantly. Some tips on caring your skin include:

  • Cleanse: most people often make face washing mistakes. It is better for you to wash your skin in morning and night, yet avoid cleansers with high alcohol content as well as other drying agents.
  • Exfoliate: this is one of the most important steps of skin care. Just exfoliate your skin every week with the gentle, natural facial scrub. That way, you will get rid of dead skin cell and get healthy, smooth, fresh skin instead.
  • Moisturizer: this step is also as important as the one above. Try applying moisturizer all your face and neck as well, twice per day. Fact is, aging, dry skin will lose is elasticity, causing the appearance of wrinkles

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4. Manage Your Stress

Anti aging tips - Manage Your Stress

This anti aging tips for skin seems not relevant so much, yet it really does. Stress and anxiety will lead to acne or other skin problems which promote the development of skin aging. Thus, you need to learn some tips to deal with stress in order to improve both your mental health and your skin condition.

5. Spend Time On A Smart Morning-Night Routine

Anti aging tips - Spend Time On A Smart Morning-Night Routine

In reality, skin care does not have to be complex. What you should do is to follow a smart morning-night routine to keep your skin healthy. These are some advice you should consider:

  • Apply skin protection when going out, particularly on sunny days
  • Remove all makeup and washing your face clearly when you hitting the hay
  • Apply a retinoid and a moisturizer before going to bed
  •  Sleep on a clean pillow

6. Try Natural Skin Masks To Help You Skin Regenerate

Anti aging tips - Try Natural Skin Masks To Help You Skin Regenerate

The next one in this list of anti aging tips is using home-made skin masks. There are a lot of skin products as well as procedures on the market. But, not many of them could actually help you regenerate your skin. Rather than, you should:

You can make DIY face mask to get benefits from natural ingredients. The ingredients you could use is honey, cucumber, fruits, olive oil, eggs, yogurt, and some type of herbs that you can easily find in your local grocery stores.

7. Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Anti aging tips - Live A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is always important for a healthy body. building a healthy lifestyle is also one of the most critical anti aging tips you need to follow. To prevent premature aging, you should give up smoking and drinking alcohol, or in moderation. Cut down the amount of sugar in your daily diet as this might cause your skin to dull and wrinkle prematurely.

In winter, you should keep your skin healthy by wearing cold weather protection. When the temperature dips into freezing zone, your skin needs special care against dehydration and chapping. Apply protective creams and moisturizers to make your skin stay moisturized even on such coldest days.  Also, you need to learn how to improve mental health and well-being to get rid of negative thoughts, which are also the culprits of premature aging.

8. Exercise Regularly

Anti aging tips - Exercise Regularly

Regular aerobic exercise is a must-do for those who want to slow down aging process. There are hundreds of studies pointing out that regular exercise could fight off the loss of muscle strength, balance, stamina, and the elasticity of skin. Therefore, add a proper fitness regime to your daily routine in order to get healthier skin and body as well. For men, who want to have stronger stamina, they should read these tips on how to increase male stamina in bed here.

Top 8 best anti aging tips above are simple yet important to help you keep a younger look in real life. Follow them and you will see an improvement in your skin condition.

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