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It is said that eye exercises could enhance eyesight naturally and effectively. Self-help eye exercises that claim to reduce or remove the demand for glasses and contacts have beend around since 1920s. In fact, some kind of specific eye exercises can actually decrease refractive errors. Here we at Wikiyeah.com provide you with a list of best eye exercises to improve vision naturally that you can try out at home.

6 Eye Exercises To Improve Vision Naturally

  1. Palming

Eye Exercises To Improve Vision - Palming

This is considered one of the simplest eye exercises to improve vision:

  • To practice this exercise, you should sit or lie on the floor, with the elbows propped on cushioned surface.
  • Close the eyes, cover them with your hands’ palms. Then, cross the fingers of one hand over those of the other hand, right on your forehead. You should not put any pressure on the lids.
  • Ideally, you will see a field of blackness that indicates a state of great relaxation. On the other hand, if you see illusions of light, patches of grey, or bright color, then your rather tense.
  • Do not focus on trying to see the blackness because this effort might produce the strain. Instead, you should visualize the pleasant memory which could help you ease the mind whilst still keeping the shoulders and the neck relaxed.
  • The more lengthy and frequent the stages of palming are, the more likely you will train your eye to decrease eye tension, thereby benefit your vision.
  1. Swinging

Eye Exercises To Improve Vision - Swinging

  • This is considered as one of whole exercises to improve vision, relieve stress and fatigue, and boost the mobility of the human eyes.
  • Stand still, look straight ahead and your feet about 12 inches apart.
  • Rolate the body parts, including head, trunk and all, to the left. Throw your whole weight to the left foot whilst allowing the right heel to rise from the ground. Keep the shoulder as well as neck straight.
  • As you swing to the opposite side, you shift the weight to the other foot. By that way, the eyes will cover an 1800 arc. Do not try to focus your eyesight on anything. Just simply maintain the attitude of relaxation. Besides, you should make 300 of these “arcs” each minute.
  • Do this exercise two times per day. Swing properly from side to side for about 100 times if possible. If you do this before bedtime, you can prevent your eyestrain from happening during your sleep.

On the other hand, to boost eye vision, it is also important for you to maintain a healthy which contains foods highest vitamin A. You can see the full list of these superfoods here in Wikiyeah.com to get the best diet plan for eye health.

  1. Blinking

When it comes to eye exercises to improve vision, it is important for you to maintain the habit of frequent blinking. This comes with 2 functions:

  • It will lubricate and cleanse your eyes with tear
  • It will rest and relax your eyes’ muscles
  1. Sunning

Eye Exercises To Improve Vision - Sunning

Though there is no strong scientific study proving for the improvement of eye vision due to sunning, many individuals tried it and got benefits. Therefore, you can consider making use of this method.

Do the sunning method with the closed eyes. You should sit or stand under the sun with the face totally relaxed. Let the sun rays penetrate and ease the tension of the eyelids. By this way, you can avoid strained eyes. Also, this is great for you to start off your day. Even you just do sunning for several minutes, it still helps.

While sunning, you can reduce the strain of your eyes by rotating the head from side to side, breathe deeply and slowly. Do not squint.

  1. Central Fixation

This is one of the most complex eye exercises to improve vision introduced in this article. By developing the central fixation, you teach you eyes that it is acceptable to see just one point clearly at a time. This seems hard for many of us, in fact. You need to learn to move and refocus quickly, rather than straining to see the whole object at just one sighting. Do this exercise while studying an eye chart, train yourself to quickly look at the top of the letter whilst accepting an unfocused image of that letter’s bottom, vice versa. If you finish this easily, you will relax your eyes and improve your eyesight as well. [See: the ultimate guide for eye vision – restore my vision today program]

  1. Shifting

Eye Exercises To Improve Vision - Shifting

Last but not least in this list of eye exercises to improve vision is shifting. The loss of vision is usually realized correspondingly to the loss of eye motion. Thus, quick eye-shifting is helpful in every case of visual difficulties, such as astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and squint. On the contrary of the previous exercise, now you force the eyes to shift with small scale each times. That means you consciously trying to sense as well as perceive different parts of a certain object without focusing fixedly at that object in order to see every part of the object clearly at once.

These above are top simple-to-follow eye exercises to improve eye vision that you can apply from now right at your own home. Practice them and you will soon improve your eye vision naturally.

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