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Lung health is a critical linchpin of overall well-being. Lungs work almost tirelessly, pulling in air and dumping out what could not be used over and over, day and night. What we eat might now directly impact our lungs, yet the food directly touches them through the cardiovascular system and by supplying antioxidant protection. Keeping your lungs healthy through smart dietary choices is a long-term investment in your own well-being. Here Wikiyeah.com exposes top 13 best foods for lung health for people to check out!

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Natural Foods For Lung Health – Improve Your Breathing With Smart Nutrition Tips

1. Cruciferous Vegetables

Foods For Lung Health - Cruciferous Vegetables


A cruciferous veggie is any food which is a member of the cabbage family. Generally, they are packed with full of antioxidants which could naturally assist your body in cleansing toxins and wastes within the body. Some of the most common choices for those people who want to keep their lungs healthy are cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. [Read: foods highest in vitamin C]

2. Foods With Carotenoids

Carotenoid is the orange antioxidant pigment which can cut the potential risks of growth lung cancer. Carotenoids are basically found in fruits and veggies characterized with red and orange colors. Carrot is considered one of the foods highest in vitamin A, and a good option due to the beta-carotene content. This is an antioxidant which could be transformed into vitamin A, helping reduce the incident of asthma. [Read: how to prevent lung cancer]

3. Foods With Magnesium

Foods For Lung Health - Foods With Magnesium

The next one in the list of foods for lung health is those foods which contain magnesium. Magnesium is the mineral which is commonly recommended to those who suffer from asthma problems. It could enhance the lung capacity and build on the effectiveness of the respiratory process. You can get magnesium by eating nuts, seeds, and beans.

4. Foods Full Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The fatty acid is important for the human overall health. Many studies pointed out that those foods which are rich in fatty acid have positive effects on asthma. If you could not get enough this vitamin through fish, flaxseeds or nuts, you could take supplements available in the market. [See: how to speed up your metabolism naturally]

5. Foods With Folate

Foods For Lung Health - Foods With Folate

The foods with high content of folate are so amazing when it comes to fighting the process of lung carcinogens as well as preventing different forms of cancer. There are several good choices of foods with folate, including beets, lentils, and spinach.

6. Garlic

In fact, garlic comes with many health and beauty benefits due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the high level of allicin in garlic, people can reduce the inflammation as well as infection. Also, it destroys the free radicals and might help people boost asthma naturally. [See: best foods for healthy skin]

7. Foods With Vitamin C

Foods For Lung Health - Foods With Vitamin C

Foods which contain a large amount of vitamin C can help the human lungs efficiently transport oxygen throughout the whole body. Those foods which are good sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits such as oranges, grapfrutis, and lemon, green and red capsicums (bell peppers), kiwifruit, strawberries, pineapples, mango, and broccoli.

8. Berries

When it comes to foods for lung health, berries could not be skipped because it is one of the richest antioxidant sources. Also, berries contain the flavonoids beta-carotene, polyphenols anthocyanins, lutein, and zeaxathin. These substances could protect the lungs from disease, cancer and infection as well.

9. Apples

Foods For Lung Health - apples

Apples are packed with flavonoids and various vitamins, thereby helping people maintain respiratory function and prevent the growth of lung problems. [Read: complete grocery shopping list]

10. Ginger

Considered as a popular spice, ginger is easy-to-incorporate into everyday meal for an extra flavor and health enhancement. Ginger has an anti-inflammatory function which can clear the lungs of linger pollution which could result in health problems. Thus, if you want to boost your lungs, do not overlook ginger.

11. Tumeric

Foods For Lung Health - Tumeric

This is similar to ginger in its benefits for lung health thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, turmeric also has another benefit for removing cancer cells because of the high amount of curcumin. [See: the comprehensive cookbook – Paleohacks cookbook]

12. Pomegranates

This fruit consists of a lot of antioxidants which are good to include into your current diet. The nutrient dense of this fruit will slow down the growth of lung diseases containing tumor development.

13. Water

The list of foods for lung health could not be complete without water. This natural “food” is necessary for the human body for different reasons. More water included in your daily diet could make the circulatory process working properly whilst keeping the lungs hydrated and always ready to remove unwanted toxins.

These above are top 13 best foods for lung health that you should make use of right instantly. Share your thoughts with us below this post.

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