Top 12 best foods to eat before bed –

You have been told that eating before bed is a no-no.  We all know the old adage: do not eat past 10 p.m. Yet, what if you are definitely starving before you go to bed? Here we at are glad to reveal to you the best foods to eat before bed that help you fall asleep easily.

12 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed – Eat Right, Sleep Tight

1. White Meat Protein (Not Red Meat)

The first one in this list of best foods to eat before going to bed is white meat. If the sleep is hitting you at this moment, but you are very hungry, go for white meat. White meat animal protein sources like turkey and chicken are great pre-bed meal options as they digest slowly and have a low insulin release. Also, these sources can enhance the release of another hormone named glucagon, which helps your body in breaking down stored carbs as well as fat in the body to be burned for energy. This is a win-win. On the other hand, red meat has a significantly higher insulin response, thus, it is the worst food you need to avoid before going to bed.

2. Salmon

This is a perfect pre-bed food source as it is rich in protein content and includes healthy omega fats. A lot of people fall short in omega fat content. Therefore, you need to add salmon to your salad in order to get fiber and bulk for the great low-carb choice before turning in. [See: best low carb snacks to eat]

3. Low-Fat Cheese With Raw Vegetables

If you love cheese, this is also your pre-bed meal. Fact is, regular cheese is rich in saturated fat, so you need to choose a reduced-fat variety with a good dose of protein. In other words, you should choose cheese as a pre-bed food because it is carb-free, making the protein/fat combination just what you are currently looking for. You could add vegetables, such as celery, cucumbers, or broccoli to get negligible calories.

4. Kale Chips

Kale chips offer fewer calories per cup than traditional potato chips. Also, kale is very easy to digest, so you could eat this before bedtime. Moreover, this type of vegetables and other leafy greens are high in calcium which are the key to a good night’s sleep. Calcium deficiency is a main culprit in insomnia. For more natural remedies for insomnia, you can refer here.

5. Nuts

Aside from being delicious and filling, nuts have tryptophan, an amino acid which sends people into a food coma after Thannksgiving dinner. Actually, tryptophan will be transformed into serotonin and melatonin, which are the natural relaxation chemicals of the human brain. Nuts will helps you relax and get you sleeping easily.

6. Crackers And Peanut Butter

Those people who often pick foods with simple carbs might not have peaceful sleeps due to the sugar crash. So, you need to go with complex carbs- packed wheat crackers which will fill you up and might be slab on peanut butter to get added protein. This will help you sleep well while still fill you up.

7. Greek Yogurt

It you want to know what the best foods to eat before bed are, then Greek yogurt is one of your best friends. This has long been heralded as a great snack. It contains a lot of protein and calcium, and just a small amount of this can fill you up before going to bed. You could also add some maple syrup or honey in order to sweeten your palette before hating the hay. [See: healthy eating habits]

8. Chamomile Tea

Of course, you do not want to take caffeine before going to bed, yet some decaffeinated tea could help you relax your whole system and sooth you as well. The hot liquid of chamomile tea will send a warmth coursing through your body, keeping you fall asleep.

9. Milk

When you fall asleep on your feet and do not have time to get a real snack, then you can go for a glass of warm milk. The calcium content in milk will help reduce your stress levels and stabilize the nerve fibers, containing those in your brain. Drinking milk before bed will make your forget those daily problems and allow you to fall asleep right in the second your head hits that pillow.

10. Edamame

It might seem unorthodox, yet the natural components of estrogen-like in salted edamame could deal with the restlessness that plagues a large number of individuals in sleep. Hence, eating a bowl of edamame whilst reading before bed will help your get dreamless sleep.

11. Cherries

Many scientists found that cherries, especially tart cherries, could boost the melatonin supply of the human body, thereby helping us deal with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Having a serving of frozen and fresh or dried cherries before going to bed will absolutely be your good choice. [See: how to increase brain power naturally]

12. Turkey On Whole Grain Bread

The last on in this list of best foods to eat before bed is turkey. For people in need of a large meal, they could opt for sandwich which is made with turkey – the famous foods for high content of tryptophan. You can top that sandwich with a piece of cheese and two slices of whole-grain bread for adding more calcium and complex carbs to your snack. That way, you are going to eat a sleep sandwich.

The above are top 12 best foods to eat before bed that you need to consider in order to get better sleep while still filling you up.

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