Best foods to eat while on period –

Are you plagued with period fatigue, pain, or any other symptoms that turn you into a zombie for about 1 week or even more? Get relief by upgrading your diet. Here, shares the best foods to eat while on period that can boost energy, banish moodiness, beat cramps, and more.

Foods To Eat While On Period  – Nutrition Advice For A Happier Period

1. Iron-Fortified Whole-Grain Cereal

The iron-fortified whole grain cereal is considered as one of the most healthy foods to eat while on period that most women should add to their diet plan. Many women, particularly who consume little meat and vegetarians, do not get enough the iron they need. This will sap their energy and make it difficult for them to focus. If you are one of those women with heavy periods, iron is even more crucial as they lose larger amounts with monthly flow. Thus, you should consume more iron-fortified whole grain cereal to get enough daily dose. You should look for a box that supplies at least 25% of daily value for iron, and then chase it down with a glass of orange juice because orange is one of the foods highest in vitamin C, helping you absorb more iron. At dinner time, if you are craving for iron-rich meat, just go ahead and have some. Stick to a lean cut and a 3 or 4-ounce portion.

2. Eat Complex Carbs  

Those fruits and veggies and whole foods are your best friends, yet particularly during menstruation. The fruit form sugar might help lessen sugar cravings. Thus, you should add orange, plums, cucumbers, artichokes, pears, corns and carrots to your current diet to help your period happier.

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