7 Best healthy diet tips to keep fit & stay healthy from models

Think there are not any diet tips from models you can use in your everyday life? Think again! Although some high fashion models don’t have the best rap for healthy eating, there are some great habits models have developed over the years that definitely work and are safe to follow. Wikiyeah.com uncovers 7 best healthy diet tips from models that you can definitely incorporate into your daily routine to lose weight and stay healthy.

Best Healthy Diet Tips – 7 Secrets From Models 

1. Hydration

The first one in this list of best healthy diet tips from models is staying hydrated. During fashion week, don’t be surprised if you see every model in New York carrying around their own personal bottle of water. Models realize hydration is key for a healthy weight, making this one of the most important diet tips from models. Dehydration impacts your digestion and can lead to constipation, meaning you could actually gain water weight. Chronic dehydration can lead long term weight gain. Drinking a continuous supply of fresh, un-carbonated water, on the other hand, can help flush toxins and excess water weight out of your system. Since we also tend to mistake hunger for thirst, staying hydrated can keep you from munching on chips, cookies, and other high-calorie treats you’d normally indulge in. [Read: best foods to eat before bed]

2. Juicing Or Green Smoothies For Breakfast And Snacks

Some models like to go on juice or smoothie fasts before a major photo shoot or fashion show. While I personally don’t recommend fasting for any prolonged period of time, using freshly pressed juices and vitamin-loaded green smoothies is a great way to get nutrients, curb cravings, and increase your fiber intake. Try using a smoothie as a filling alternative for breakfast. You can also snack on a green juice later in the day when you’re battling low energy levels.

3. Small Yet Frequent Meals

Models may not have enough time to sit down and eat a three course meal in the middle of the day. Instead, they might space out their meals throughout the day, eating smaller meals but more frequently. Remember that models are often on-the-go and might pack portable foods like fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds that they can easily store in their purses. If you know you’re going to have a hectic day with little time to eat, this is a perfect model tip for you. [See: healthy eating habits]

4. Avoiding Diet Soda And Gum

Models are the queens of beating bloat. A little as eight ounces of water can temporarily look like three pounds for the average frame. Models also realize that products like diet soda and gum, which are labeled as low/no calorie, can not only contribute to weight gain, but also make you look bloated. Ditch the fake flavors and artificial ingredients and opt for good old fashioned water instead.

5. Avoid Acid-Forming Fat, Dairy, And Meat

Many models swear by avoiding animal products in the days leading up to a big job. According to the alkaline/acidity diet, foods like meat, dairy, and saturated fat contribute to weight gain as well as candida, acne, and a bunch of other health problems. The jury is still out on the alkaline diet theory, but cutting back on your consumption of meat and dairy (or opting for leaner choices) can definitely help you lose weight.

6. Include Fruits And Veggies To Get Clear Skin

Models realize they are what they eat. If acne or dry, flaky patches on the skin are flaring up, they look to soothing fruits and vegetables that will hydrate their skin and reduce inflammatory responses like acne or psoriasis. Fruits like berries and citrus in particular are great for skin problems—not to mention their low calorie content will help you lose weight. [Read: the complete cookbook – Paleohacks cookbook]

7. Get Enough Sleep

The last one in top 7 best healthy diet tips is getting enough sleep. A model’s life can certainly be hectic. Between elaborate photo shoots, after parties into the wee hours of the morning, and jet setting from job to job, you can easily miss out on a ton of sleep. Some models make it a priority to get enough sleep even with a busy day. Chronic lack of sleep not only contributes to accelerated aging and fatigue, but it can increase your cortisol levels and lead to weight gain. [Read: how to speed up your metabolism]

I know models aren’t always known for having the healthiest diet habits. This isn’t to say you should eat whatever your favorite model eats. Instead, realize that many models live active and healthy lifestyles, eat well, and exercise safely to stay in shape. What are some of your favorite model diet tips and tricks?

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