Top 9 best island getaways for 2015 to discover!

7. Grand Terre – New Caledonia

Grand Terre, New Caledonia

When it comes to best island getaways for 2015, this island is considered one of the new eco-vacation spots for travelers. Situated in the ecologically diverse South Pacific, Grande Terre has the second longest reef of the world, which is the home of the endangered dugong turtles as well as many other fascinating reef species. The reef structures in Grande Terre are the most diverse in the world. This island will soon mark the site of the first heart-shaped solar field on the planet: the panels will be able to generate energy for up to 750 homes, decreasing two million tons of CO2 emission over 25 years.

8. Bali – Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is famous for its amazing nature and friendly locals. In 2015, Bali will open an ultra exclusive resorts and reserves that islands lovers will definitely flock to. Also, there are high-profile “boutique” brands moving in Bali, from 12 villas of the Stairs Bali to the Chedi Club Jimbaran. There are tons of natural sceneries like the waterfalls, mountain views and glorious beaches in this island. So, it is absolutely among best island getaways for 2015! [Read: most livable cities in the world]

9. Aruba


This island will celebrate its 200 birthday in this year, 2015. Those commemorative events will be organized throughout Aruba during the entire year, containing Sail Aruba, where the public could tour those visiting ships, savor a celebration of seafood, listen to international music and sail in the vessels during the races. Kids and matures alike will surely love the butterfly farm along with the donkey sanctuary, and the ample chances for scenic hikes in many parks as well as many natural areas.

Are you intrigued enough to look more into one of these destinations? These best island getaways are voted by many travel experts so they will absolutely satisfy their passion of traveling. Just simply plan your trip now!

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