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7. Warrior II

Best leg exercises for women – warrior II

This is a yoga move that could help you tone your legs as well as core.

To begin, you stand with your feet together, and lift up the right leg with a pointed toe, putting the whole body weight onto the standing, left leg. Then, continue to lift the leg and drop the head as well as torso so they will form such a straight horizontal line from the head to toe with your arms resting at your sides. After that, engage your core and warrant that your right thigh, hip and toes are well aligned. You should remain facing down and keep the back as straight as you could. Make sure the left knee does not lock and center your weight on the middle of your foot. Keep this position for about 5 seconds before returning to the standing position.

These are 7 best leg exercises for women to practice at home. Taking advantage of some or all of these super-easy workouts for legs and you will get the sexy, slim legs that every woman desires about. [Read: how to lose arm fat fast]

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