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We all know that cookies, chips, ice cream, crackers, candy bars, and microwave popcorn are considered as one of the most popular snack foods of Americans. However, these foods often come with fats as well as carbs, with very little nutrition value.

So, what are the best low calorie low carb snacks?

The followings are exactly what you are looking for when it comes to healthy yet delicious snacks to eat on the go. Wikiyeah.com hopes that you will find your favorite snacks after reading this list.

12 Best Low Calorie Low Carb Snacks

1. Turkey And Cheese Roll-Ups

Low carb snacks - Turkey And Cheese Roll-Ups

To make this snack, you need to cut one part-skim mozzarella cheese stick in the half lengthwise. Then, roll 1 ounce of sliced roasted turkey breast around a half of a part skim mozzarella cheese stick. Do the same with the left cheese and turkey for making a total of the two roll-ups.

The nutrient value of this snack contains: 3.5 gr of carb, 0.3 gr of fiber, 144 calories, 6.6 gr of fat, 17 gr of protein, and 3.8 gr of saturated fat

2. Peanut Butter And Celery

Low carb snacks - Peanut Butter And Celery

This is considered as a classic childhood snack which is so low carb and convenient. Two stalks of celery which is topped and 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter just contain 8 grams of carbohydrates and 3 of which are fiber. It is very portable and perfectly size. So, you could put them together in your daily morning, toss them in your bag. They will be ready for you to eat whenever you want.

3. Cottage Cheese And Berries

Low carb snacks - Cottage Cheese Berries

If you love sweet and savory while still keeping the carbohydrates count down, then with a combination of cottage cheese and berries, you will get what you want. Cottage cheese is a nutritious, low-carb staple. Just three quarters of a cup with about 4 thinly sliced strawberries can provide you with 15% of your own daily calcium demands and about 50% of your vitamin C requirements. Strawberries are one of the foods highest in vitamin C, you know. Moreover you could vary the flavors by simply swapping out the strawberries for raspeberries and blueberries, and seasoning with cinnamon or vanilla extract for additional sweeteners.

4. Avocado And Shrimp Cocktail

Low carb snacks -Avocado And Shrimp Cocktail

To make this snack, you toss 2 ounces of cooked thawed shrimp with about a quarter of avocado chopped plus with 2 tbsp of cocktail sauce.

With this snack, each serving provides you with 3.4 gr fiber, 8.5 gr carbohydrates, 161 calories, 13 gr protein, 1.2 gr saturated fat, and 7.6 gr fat.

5. Greek Yogurt

Low carb snacks - greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is the creamier, carb-controlled form of regular yogurt. Just 6-ounce serving of fat-free, plan Greek yogurt includes 7 gr of carbohydrates. That amount is half as much as the regular yogurt and ¼ of the carbohydrates you will get from sweetened yogurts. Also, Greek yogurt consists of twice as much protein. This makes this snack become the perfect option for those people who are watching their waistline. [See: healthy eating habits]

6. Walnuts

Low carb snacks - walnuts

Walnuts include fewer carbs than peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and cashews. Moreover, they have much more antioxidant power than other nuts. Just 1 ounce of walnuts contains just 4 gr of carbohydrates and half of this coming from fiber. Just one ounce of walnuts includes 10% of your daily need of magnesium and 2 ½ gr of healthy omega-3 fats. Therefore, this makes walnuts a powerful food in this list of low calorie low carb snacks that could be proportioned ahead of time.

7. Kale Chips

Low carb snacks - kale chips

You can toss two large handfuls of washed and chopped kale in a bowl with addition virgin olive oil, pepper, and salt. Then, line a baking sheet with the tin foil before baking it at 300 degree for about 20 minutes. Just one cup of fresh chopped kale just includes 35 calories and 7 gr of carbohydrates, thus you should feel free to have some additional chips when you are hungry.

8. Curried Edamame 

Low carb snacks -Curried Edamame


You can use this as a nutrient-packed alternative to traditional party mix. In fact, it will save you 14 gr of carbohydrates per serving and four times as much fiber. You can keep this well your fridge and enjoy it on the go. To create this snack, you use 3 cup shelled edamame beans, 1 tbsp additional virgin olive oil, 1 dash of pepper and salt, and 2 tsp of curry powder. Initially, you preheat oven to about 375 degrees. Then, you toss edamame beans, curry powder, olive oil, salt, and pepper together within a bowl till the beans are coated thoroughly. After that, spread out on the baking sheet before roasting for about 15 minutes.

9. Apple Almond Spice Muffins

Low carb snacks -Apple Almond Spice Muffins

This is a kind of high-protein, low carb snacks that you can take advantage of instantly. These muffins use the unsweetened apple sauce plus with almond meal to reduce excess carbs and added sugars. They are very portable as well as convenient when you are busy or on the go. Especially, it delivers less than 10 gr of car per muffin. The ingredients of this snack contain 2 cups of almond meal, 5 scoops of vanilla protein powder, 4 whole eggs, 1 cup of unsweetened apple sauce, a half of stick butter, and 1 tsp of all spice, 1 tsp of cloves, and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon.

Initially, you preheat oven to approximately 350 degrees. After that, melt the butter in your microwave for about 30 seconds and on the low heat. Mix all of the prepared ingredients thoroughly in one bowl. Spray muffin tin with the non-stick cooking spray. Then, pour the mixture into the muffin tins. You should make sure not pour about ¾ of the tins. Make 12 muffins, equally to 2 trays of muffin. Place a tray in the oven and heat for about 12 minutes, not overcooked. If you leave it in the oven too long, the muffins will be dry. After cooking, remove from that oven and do the same with the other tray.

10. Caprese Salad

Low carb snacks - Caprese Salad

When the heat starts to pick up in the Summer, nothing beats a caprese salad. Simple to make, you only need a few ingredients: tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. And the fresher the better! If you’re worried about calories, opt for a part-skim mozzarella, which still tastes satisfying.

11. Vegetable Chard Wraps

Low carb snacks - Vegetable Chard Wraps

If you are craving something that is spicy and crunchy, yet do not want to load up on several serious chip-and-salsa calories, you should try out this cooling, refreshing vegetables chard wraps. Besides, you can please your palate with the rainbow of phytonutrients and a zingy dipping sauce which transforms those raw vegetables into such a scrumptious snack. [See: foods highest in vitamin A]

12. Vegan Cucumber Tofu Rolls

Low carb snacks - Vegan Cucumber Tofu Rolls

When it comes to best low calorie low carb snacks, this is one of the easiest recipe you could do. Get yourself a crisp, high protein snack with those cucumber tofu rolls. You could make a batch for enjoying during the week. You will definitely not miss the bread. The carbohydrates of each serving are just 10 gr, so you will not have to worry about gaining weight. [See: the best weight loss guide – Old school new body book]

These are 12 best low carb snacks you could make use of at home or on the good, as well. They are not only convenient for everyone but also delicious with high nutritious value.

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