Best natural tired eyes treatment to relieve eye fatigue

If you want to relieve eye fatigue naturally at home, introduces the best natural tired eye treatment, helping you get healthy eyes effectively and safely. This article is just for you.

Tired Eyes Treatment – 6 Tips On How To Relieve Eye Fatigue

Tired eyes treatment

1. Cool Cucumber

The first natural tired eye treatment is to make use of cucumber. This is an age-old remedy. Get a cucumber from your refridge and slice it up. Keep two circular slices on your eyes for around 10 minutes while you rest. Cucumbers have high water content, which in turn help to reduce swelling around your tired eyes. When it is chilled, the soothing effect increases manifold. It not only relieves puffy and tired eyes, but also helps to brighten up the delicate skin around your eyes. [Read: how to reduce dark circle under eyes]

2. Wonderful Water

Water is wonderful for your skin and definitely for your eyes. Rinse your face with cold water several times a day. The cool water will sooth your tired and puffy eyes. Cold water constricts the blood vessels, and this in turn reduces swelling. At the same time, drink around 10 glasses of water everyday to keep your body well hydrated. A hydrated body equals less bloating, swelling and puffiness. When your body is not well-hydrated, the cells tend to retain water content in the cells. So, drinking water will not only promote clear skin, but will also make your eyes look less tired.

3. Cut Back on Salt

The same way a salty meal can make your rings feel snug on your fingers, it can inflame the skin around your eyes. “A salty diet can cause puffiness,” says Dr. Nikolaidis. And because the skin around the eyes is thin, it’s especially prone to water retention.
Limit your salt overall—especially if your eyes tend to get puffy. If it’s too late and you’ve already had the sushi with extra soy sauce, flush out your system in about 12 hours by drinking 8-12 glasses of water over the course of the day. If it was a weekend of too much salt, it could take two days or more of extra hydration to reduce puffiness.
4. Thrilling Tea

There are many benefits of green tea and other teas that you can make use of for your beauty. Tea contains antioxidants that work wonders for tired eyes. Tea goes a long way in lessening swelling and puffiness. It has anti-irritant properties that helps soothe tired eyes. Every time you have your cup of green tea, make sure you don’t throw the tea bags away. Instead, put them inside the refrigerator for some time. Once they are chilled, place them on your eyelids and trust me, your eyes won’t look tired anymore.

5. Amazing Aloe Vera

The next natural tired eye treatment is Aloe vera. It contains many vitamins and antioxidants that can do away with puffy and tired looking eyes. Try using pure and freshly extracted aloe vera gel around your eyes and within minutes, the puffiness would decrease. Aloe vera helps to improve circulation of blood. However, you must be very careful that the gel is applied around the eyes and not inside! [Read: best foods for healthy skin]

 6. Miraculous Milk

Did you know that cold milk could be a miracle treatment for your eyes? Dunk cotton wool in ice-cold organic raw milk and place them on your closed eyes. Wait for five minutes and then wash your eyes with cool water. Not only will your eyes look fresh, the dark circles around your eyes will also fade to some extent.

With the best natural tired eye treatment using the easily available ingredients above, you can effectively treat tired eyes at home. Along with these tips, you should also aim to lead a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep at night and avoid going to bed late at night for eyes that shine with health and energy! If you want your eyes to say in top shape, make sure you are taking good care of them!

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