10 absolute safest & best places to travel alone as a woman

You are a woman and want to travel alone? There is nothing quite like the freedom of exploring a new place on your own terms. Despite the experience of traveling solo is so great, it could be incredibly dangerous for a woman to travel alone these days. Every year, we all hear news about many sexual assaults on females who have been travelling. Not only is it about physical attacks but also about the charge because some places will take advantage of the lonely traveler, charging them more money than others. Pick-pocketing or hotel room theft are easier if the traveler is alone.

Though there are many places to visit in the world, not all of them are safe for alone female travelers. If you want to have a solo trip by your own this year, then you need to consider some of the safest and best places to travel as a woman here. Here, Wikiyeah.com comes up with a full list of 10 best places to travel alone for women. Anyone who travels to a new land or city should be acknowledgeable about the potential risks and dangers and how to handle and get help if necessary. Check out below!

Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman – Safest Destinations For Solo Travel

Best places to travel alone

1. Copenhagen – Denmark

The top city in this list of best places to travel alone for women is the capital of Denmark. This is the largest city with approximately 2 million people in the metropolitan region. Being a busy city, it features with great architecture, cultural treasures, and renowned shopping centre. All of them make this city one of the favorite city break destinations in Europe. Make sure that you visit the goddess Gefjun fountain, depicting the mythology of Denmark’s creation and the magic in Norse religion. Also, you can witness a cute statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid. Actually, Denmark is really a safe and enchanting place for every woman to travel alone. [Read: attractions in Omaha]

2. Ottawa – Canada

This year, if you have any plan to travel alone, then you should not skip Ottawa, Canada – one of the best places to travel alone, particularly for women. Being Canada’s capital, Ottawa is located in Ontario, yet bordering Quebec, featuring with multi-cultures. In this city, you will hear both English and French spoken interchangeably. When arriving at Ottawa, you need to visit the ByWard Market, one of the oldest markets in Canada, with more than 50,000 visitors each weekend. Even on this crowded market, a woman and her handbag could shop unmolested as well as safely without having to hide any personal bodyguards. The ByWard Market is well-known for its delicatessen stalls, wonderful restaurants, handmade jewelry and clothing boutiques. In addition, you could shop for artisan breads, cheeses, and local produce if visiting during summer months. Make sure that you also visit the National Gallery of Canada, the Golden Triangle, and Parliament Hill. [Read: best things to do in Monaco]

3. Auckland, New Zealand

The largest city of New Zealand, Auckland has about 1,400,000 populations. Also known as the “City of Sails”, this city has a lot of yachts in its harbor. Make sure that you visit the amazing beaches and witness the ships sailing. Visitors could enjoy the spectacular view of 3 kilometers of pristine white beaches when being at a township of Orewa. And, relax in the thermal springs at the Waiwera Thermal Resort after going through a sunny day.

Other destinations in Auckland that you must see are the Auckland Art Gallery, Queen Street, Ponsonby Road, Queen Street, Parnell and Newmarket or Albert Park. These are destinations for a cultural hot spot, great shopping, and taking a breath of the fresh air. [Read: great things to do in Mykonos]

4. Helsinki – Finland

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is the largest city of this country with more than 1,300,000 residents in the metropolitan region. Featuring with numerous of building with Art Nouveau style and amazing architecture, this city was chosen to be a safe place for women to travel alone. Having fabulous museums and art galleries and a huge shopping complex in the centre, Helsinki is great for a short city break. Visitors can walk to through this city to discover the cultural heritage, explore the restaurants as well as amazing fashion boutiques. Though the Nordic style is not the idea for everyone, they certainly could keep you safe and warm from frost bite. If you visit this city in winter, you will see the orange, green, and purple that Northern Light Scandinavia is famous for.

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