10 absolute safest & best places to travel alone as a woman

8. Setubal – Portugal

Warm Portugal is an amazing vacation destination for women to travel alone. Take a trip to Setubal for having a relaxing and private vacation. This city has nearly 800,000 residents and is famous for its fresh caught seafood and tasty wines. Visitors could take a trip to Serra da Arrabida National Park to enjoy both the forest and the sea. [Read: most beautiful trees in the world]

9. Malmö Sweden

Not only is Sweden famous for its beautiful culture and people, but also for its safe. Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, is situated at the southern tip of this country. It is also an ideal location for such an active vacation. People can enjoy the natural landscape by boat or hiking. Also, Malmö has great golf courses that attract a large number of golfers around the world. For those shopaholics, Malmö has lots of eco-friendly choices with environmentally friendly clothing as well as restaurant choices.

10. Marseille – France

Of course, we all know that France is a great destination for visitors worldwide, yet if a woman wants to travel alone, Marseille is a must destination. It is the second largest city of France and a holistic country featured with heritage and culture. Marseille basically lies on the Mediterranean coast, offering it great beaches and tasty seafood meals. Visitors could take a taxi or bus to come by the beautiful beaches and enjoy the boat rides there.

Traveling alone is very liberating. You can do what you want and go where and when you want. If you also find traveling alone like that, start planning your trip to one or some of these best places to travel alone as a woman now. You will not regret about your decision. Believe me!

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