11 best protein sources for weight loss you can use

3. Milk

Just 1 ounce of milk offers 1 gram of protein. You should drink 1 glass of milk per day to give your own body the boost of good protein and calcium, which is good for your bones. If you do not love drinking milk on its own, you can consider taking a fruit smoothie or consuming one bowl of cereal for getting the nutrients that your body needs. [Read: benefits of lemongrass]

4. Cheese

Just one ounce of cheese contains 7 gram of protein. In reality, cheese is a rich source of good protein. Hence, consuming a few slices of cheese daily will promote your protein intake significantly. To put in simple words, taking 1 ounce of cheese will offer the same amount of protein as consuming 1 ounce of chicken. [Read: yoga poses for weight loss]

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