11 best protein sources for weight loss you can use

7. White Fish

Because white fish is high in healthy protein yet low in calories, consuming this might be a win-win for your weight loss. Chunk light tuna, cod, haddock, halibut, sole, trout and tilapia are healthy choices of white fish. Yet, if buying salmon, you should warrant that it is really wild-caught in order to avoid PCB chemicals existing in farmed salmon.

8. Spinach

Another one in the list of best protein sources for weight loss here is spinach. It is loaded with protein. Just 2 cups of spinach consist of 10 grams of protein. That is similar to what you put in your green smoothies every day, right? In case you do not like a green smoothie, then you can add spinach to salads or steam it for your dinner. [Read: coffee benefits and side effects]

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