11 best tips and tricks on how to seduce a woman or girl

If you are infatuated by a sexy girl or woman by do not know how to attract and seduce her, then the followings are the best tips and tricks on how to seduce a woman or girl that you will ever read.

It really does not matter whether you know her already or she is a complete stranger. What you need to do is to understand about how attraction and seduction works, and get familiar with using it in your own favor. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

How To Seduce  A Woman Or Girl Effortlessly – 11 Proven Tips

1. Make A Great Impression Every Time

how to seduce a woman - Make A Great Impression Every Time

Sure. The first impression always matter. Just think of every time you meet her, or talk to her, make it a good one. try making an amazing impression when you pick her up for a date, when you pick up the phone, when you text or IM her, and other situations. For example, to make a good impression, as a man, you should get to know some simple ways to make women laugh. That way, you can become a  light-hearted man in her eyes. [Read: how to compliment a girl and make her blush]

2. Clean Yourself Up

This seems so obvious, yet not all of you are aware about this issue. Fact is, most women care about hygiene. Thus, prevent it from becoming a problem in your relationship by paying attention to your cleanliness from now. The avoid is to make your mouth as appealing as possible, avoid those pungent foods like onions or garlic for one or two days before you meet your love, showering as often as you need to, managing your own facial hair, trimming and cleaning your nails, and deodorizing. [Read: skin care tips for men]

3. Confidence Is The Key

The way you walk or behave plays an important role in the impression you create to that woman. You need to be confident and believe in yourself. Obviously, confidence is not the thing you could buy. You earn it by yourself, day by day. However, what you must do is to tell yourself that you could do it. Once you believe that you could attract girls, then you will be able to attract them. It is necessary for you to be gentle and classy to get noticed in a group of people.

4. Play Hard To Get

In fact, women like it when you play a little hard to get. Even when you are letting her know that you are available you could also put in the hard to get card. However, you should not confuse her about your own attention and do not go overboard with your action. Just keep it a little naughty and flirty. If you are not a man with a lot of experience in dating, then playing hard is very important. Thus, learning some critical dating tricks for shy guys is a good choice for you to enhance your “flirting skills”.

5. Exude A Positive Vibe

You should be funny and charming. Always speak positively about other people and make it a point to make friends anywhere you go. By this way, whenever a girl hears something about you, you could be sure that it will be a positive thing and this will create a positive effect on her in return. If you practice enough, you can see more women and most of them will be attracted to you without having to do anything. [Read: ways to turn a girl on]

6. Pay Attention To Your Talking Manner

You should know that the main thing to be specified in how to attract and seduce a woman or girl is talking. When it comes to  communication tips for couples, talking is critical. Actually, it is really more important than your status and looks. What you should do now is to speak in a really gentle way and let her know that you are interested in her.

  • Admire her beauty and looks whenever you talk to her
  • Discover her interested areas and talk more in such areas
  • Casually get into the topic of physical intimacy from a usual talk.
  • Avoid speaking about physical intimacy vulgarly

7. Create An Emotional Connection

So, this seems so abstract, yet it is so critical. To women, physical intimacy is not just a physical thing. For them, it is an emotional thing. In reality, if a woman says that she could have physical intimacy without getting emotionally attached, then she is lying. That means physical intimacy is an emotional act for women. That way, you should make her connect with you on an emotional level if you really want to seduce her finally. If not, then you cannot seduce her. It is as simple as that.

And, the quickest and best way to create such emotional connection with a woman is to make use of the so-call “female mind hack” technique – fractionation.  This is known as one of the “forbidden patterns” of seduction. This is considered as the fastest manner to naturally make a woman fall in love. [Read: body language signs of attraction]

8. Do Not Mimic Other Men

Have you ever admired any man due to his seduction department? Maybe, yes. However, you should not follow their lead no matter how successful they may seem. Just ignore then and get women to fall for you in other ways instead. [Read: types of men women love]

9. Practice Talking Seductively

When talking to a woman, you should consciously make it a noticeable point not to talk about yourself too much and try to talk seductively at all time. This may take from your some practice in the beginning, but it is better for you to add a little bit of sensuality as well as flirtation into your own voice to make it more seductively.

10. Make Her Feel Really Safe Around You

Fact is, not a lot of men can make women feel safe around them. Often, they tend to approach girls with final goal in mind: to seduce those girls. If you approach a girl with that goal in mind, she will feel that from you, therefore not feel safe when being around you. Due to this, you should have the logistics down first before making any kind of seductive move. To put in simple words, you should be her friend before transiting into another type of environment with her. [Read: how to build trust in a relationship]

11. Touch Her In Small Yet Sexy Manners

Well, you might want to break the touch barrier. But, there are some tips you can take advantage of in different situations:

  • If you are standing or walking, rest your hand on her back right at the point that her spine curves inward, above the butt. Remember that you should keep the pressure gentle and light. This is much better than throwing your arm around her shoulders.
  • If you sit next to the woman you want to seduce, lightly rest your hand on her knee for just several seconds. This will be so great if you do it while talking to her. Let that act linger for a moment whilst you continue to speak. After that, slowly and gently pull it back.
  • If the girl is standing close to you, then putting your arm gently around her waist will be great. Rest the hand in the curve of the waist, above her hip. [Read: how to create sexual tension]

You see, all of the tips and tricks on how to seduce a woman or girl (and finally get her in bed) are so simple and easy-to-apply, instantly. Put them into action from now and you will be able to easily seduce any woman you want without too much effort in a short period of time and keep your relationship fresh.

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