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Hello Sunday!!!! Some people find mornings filled with optimism, whilst other people would just stay in the bed until the clock passes the noon hour. The day might have 24 hours of equivalent length, yet every hour is not created equal. Start your day with a purpose and a goo plan will increase your chances of success and happiness.

This article from will reveal some of the best ways on how to start your day healthily that most successful people do the majority of these things during their first hours of their day as part of daily routine.

How To Start Your Day Right  – 15 Best Ideas

1. Plan The Night Before

Why begin your new day unorganized? Once you organize your own to-do list, the breakfast and the clothes to wear next day in the night before, you will wake up with a feeling of control and comfortable. Spend 20 minutes before hitting the hay to lay out all things could save you a huge amount of time on fashion crisis or searching for your car keys. With just a little effectiveness, you can save the scrambling and frustration, leaving you ready to handle more important problems.

2. Get An Early Start

How to start your day right - Get An Early Start

By getting up early, you will avoid speeding tickets, tardiness or any other unessential headaches. Additionally, most markets as well as business open by about 9 am. Whether you commute to the office or work from your home, the more time you have to get the news of the day as well as obstacles ahead, the more advantage you will have over other competitors.

3. Stretch

When it comes to how to start your day right, stretching is good. If you, like many people, spend your working days on sitting down at the desk, it could be incredibly critical to stretch out different muscles of your body right when waking up. This could improve your blood circulation and help you improve posture for the rest of a day. [See: fitness tips for beginners]

4. Try 15 Minutes Of Meditation Of Yoga

Some people are afraid that a meditation in the early morning might put them back to their sleep. Yet, genuine meditation really stimulates your brain in such a thoughtful and deep manner. It will also allow you to remove negative thoughts and distractions from your own mind and to be open those positive ones and healthy energy the world brings your way.

5. Start With A Little Bit Of Inspirational Reading

Many successful people add inspirational reading to their daily morning ritual. Reading the news might be a sad way to begin the day. Not every day starts with good news. Thus, you should purchase several books which are inspiring, uplifting, and even humorous for the stimulation of the brain. By this way, you will get fun, positive thoughts, keeping your energized and positive throughout all day long.

6. Look At Bright Colors

How to start your day right - Look At Bright Colors

Those bring colors have the ability to boost mood. Indeed, color theory posits that bright colors could stimulate the human brain and get people moving. Therefore, it will make sense to add something with bring colors to your bedroom so that when waking up, you will see them straight away. Make sure it is not in front of your face when going to bed because this might have the opposite effect.

7. Drink Water

You have been sleeping for 6 to 8 hours without consuming water. You have been fasting throughout the night, so you might be dehydrated in the next morning. Being dehydrated is totally not a good way to start your day. Hence, replenish the fluids to keep yourself refreshed and dehydrated.

8. Shower

Yes. This is one of great tip on how to start your day right. Shower in the night before, if possible. It is probably something you are doing in your daily routine, but showering at night has really been pointed out to be better for you than showering in the morning.  If you do not like to shower in the night, then do it in the morning is also a good way to begin new days. You sweat during the night, release toxins, and a good shower could rinse that away from your own skin. [See: easy juicing tips for beginners]

9. Review Your Focus List

How to start your day right - Review Your Focus List

As mentioned before in this list of steps on how to start your day, planning a to-do list in the night before is good. Then, in the next morning, you just need to review that focus list to see what your number one goal is. Design your time around what you think are the most important. Keep in mind, time is your greatest limited resource, as no matter how hard you try, you could not work 25/8. [See: how to increase brain power and memory]

10. Exercise

Exercise has many benefits. Not mention to the health and beauty benefits, exercise in the early morning is a good way on how to start your day right. Develop a consistent habit of exercising is a discipline which will carry over into your own business day. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is in the gym by 5 am each morning. If possible, you should walk outside or jump on your treadmill. Start slow and this will help you jump start your metabolism and your new day.

11. Practice Visualization

The importance of gratitude visualization is mentioned in many books of different famous authors. Practicing visualization in the morning comes with a lot of benefits for your health and your day as well. To put in simple words, you just need to spend 15 minutes each early morning on thinking of everything you are really grateful for. Then, visualize everything you wish in your own life as if you had it today. That way, you will be in the peak state to do start a new day.

12. Open The Eyes To Fresh Flowers

If the first thing you watch as waking up is a barren winter yard or a dingy wall, you could certainly improve those critical minutes with a picture of fresh flowers. It is suggested that exposure to the beautiful things like fresh flowers (or bright colors as the 6th tip) in the early morning will raise your energy and spirit.

13. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

How to start your day right - Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Create healthy eating habits for your own, start from the breakfast. Your brain as well as body speed are a function of what you consume. Muffins, bagels, and sugars have the tendency to lower your mood and slow you down. Proteins, fruits, and grains, on the other hand, will help you create a consistent stream of happiness, energy without such a sudden drop-off. Mix apple, lemon and orange with a spinach omelet to create a healthy breakfast meal.

14. Trade Alcohol Or Coffee For Green Tea

Though coffee is often drunk in the early morning, yet it is a stimulant, and sometimes could over-stimulate yourself. The acid included in coffee could make your stomach uncomfortable. Sooth a cup of green tea to begin instead. You can still add a little bit of caffeine if you really want. It is healthier and cheaper than a double caramel mochaccino. [See: benefits of green tea on health and beauty]

15. Give Your Family Members Kisses And Hugs

This part should not be taken for granted because it is a good way to set up a positive mood all a long day. It is great to show your love to your family members (even your dogs and cats). Being with the ones you love will soothe anxiety and stress and supply you with a good start to a new day. Hugs and kisses will not only help you have better mood, but also help other people feel the same. A win-win, right?

These 15 steps on how to start your day right are also the habits of those successful people worldwide. Do you wish to be successful? Then, from now, start your next day with the suggested ideas above. You will soon get you want.

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