7 ways to get rid of blackheads in ear fast & naturally at home

In essence, blackheads develop because the hair follicles on the skin get clogged. The imbalance causes oil glands to manufacture excessive oil which might clog the hair follicle to result in blackheads. That is why the majority of teenagers and young woman suffer from this problem. Blackheads are considered as a mild type of acne resulting from clogging the hair follicles. It could impact any kind of skin, but are most common on those with oily skin. If you do not control this problem, it might cause severe acne on the affected body parts.

Blackheads could be found on the noses and even in the ears. This article will focus on blackheads in ear. There are many causes of blackheads in ear and the most common are:

  • Excessive dead skin cells
  • Inappropriate routine for cleaning the ear
  • Excessive production of skin oil
  • Presence of propionibacterium acnes on the ear
  • Medications
  • Hormonal changes

Blackheads in ear

So how to get rid of blackheads in ear fast and naturally without using medication? Honestly, removing blackheads in ear is considered one of the hardest job due to the location of the blackheads. If you just have a blackhead on the nose, you could easily use a comodone extractor to make it go away. However, it is hard to apply with blackheads in ear. Despite it is harder to remove blackheads in ear, it does not mean that is impossible. Here, we from WikiYeah.com will help you figure out how to pop blackheads in ear and how to get rid of blackheads in ear fast, naturally and permanently using simple ways. Check them out below!

Some Facts About Blackheads In Ear

  • Blackheads will not disappear over time
  • Blackheads are not dirt, so scrubbing them with soap will not help
  • Blackheads will return if they are not treated appropriately
  • Getting rid of blackheads is possible

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads In Ear – 7 Home Remedies

You should not use fingers to pop blackheads in ear. Hands may transmit germs, resulting in bacterial infection and worsen the problem. Zits, blackheads and pimples in ear could be eliminated quickly by using the following home remedies.

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide possesses both anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective for keeping pimples, zits and blackheads from swelling.


  • Gentle face wash
  • A cotton cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Facial tissues or latex gloves
  • Swabs or cotton pads
  • Benzoyl peroxide


  • Use the gently face wash to cleanse your ears. This will help your ears get rid of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells which may obstruct your view of blackheads.
  • After that, rinse your ear well with warm water
  • Soak the cloth in warm water and compress it. Press the cloth on your blackheads in ear for a few minutes to soften the blackheads
  • Soak a cotton pad in alcohol and thoroughly apply it over your blackheads to provide a clean surface for the benzoyl peroxide to work on.
  • Wrap the tissues around your index fingers, then put gentle pressure on either side of your ear blackheads. Press down and up to squeeze out the material that blocks the pores. After completing, you wipe off the material using a cotton pad.
  • Wash your ear thoroughly and dry it out. Apply benzoyl peroxide acne cream over to help the pore heal. Do not allow bacteria to enter it.

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2. Tea Tree Oil

For those who are looking for alternative home remedies for blackheads in ear, try this tea tree oil remedy. Thanks to the antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is effective in disinfecting the pores and easily dries out blackheads.


  • 10-12 drops of tea tree oil
  • A cotton ball


  • Soak the cotton ball into the tea tree oil
  • Squeeze excess oil before placing it over your blackheads in ear
  • The next morning, discard that cotton ball and use a damp towel to wipe your ear
  • Reapply this method for 1 week to get rid of blackheads in ear permanently.

3. Lemon Juice

Being a great source of citric acid – a natural alpha hydroxyl acid, lemon juice is useful in exfoliating your skin and removing the impurities that cause bacteria. You can use lemon juice for blackheads in ear removal.


  • Lemon juice of half a lemon
  • A bowl
  • A cotton ball
  • ¼ teaspoon of water


  • Dilute the cotton ball in the bowl of lemon juice mixed with prepared water
  • Soak a cotton ball in that solution and squeeze it out
  • Apply the soaked cotton ball on your blackheads in ear
  • Let it dry naturally
  • Wash off the application with water by scrubbing the area gently.
  • Repeat this process for 3 days to get good results

You can also use boiled milk mixed with lemon juice as an alternative method for the above.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is very versatile when it comes to home remedies. This homemade exfoliant can also help balance the pH levels of the skin.


  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon of water


  • Take a small bowl to add baking soda in, then followed by water to create a thick paste
  • Apply the paste over your blackheads and massage gently in circular motions using your finger tips.
  • Let it dry for 5 minutes
  • Rinse it off with tepid water before patting the skin dry
  • Repeat the process for 3 – 4 days till your blackheads in ear completely disappear.

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5. Warm Compress

In regard to learning how to get rid of blackheads in ear fast and naturally, don’t skip warm compress remedy. This simple treatment can do great work if you apply properly.


  • A wash cloth
  • 1 cup of water


  • Boil 1 cup of water and soak a washcloth into
  • Remove the washcloth out and squeeze out the excess water
  • Apply the warm washcloth compress onto your blackheads in ear for about 10 minutes
  • Apply this method 3 times per day to get rid of blackheads in ear naturally

6. Rubbing Alcohol

How to get rid of blackheads in ear quickly? Use alcohol. This can help sterilize the impacted area, kill the bacteria causing blackheads. Apply this method at night.


  • 1 teaspoon of alcohol
  • A cotton ball


  • Take a clean cotton ball
  • Saturate the ball with the prepared rubbing alcohol, squeeze out the excess fluid
  • The next morning, discard the ball and wash it off with water
  • Follow this routine 3 days to remove blackheads

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7. Blackhead Extractor

Another tip on how to get rid of blackheads in ear effectively is using blackhead extractor. This is considered an almost instant remedy to try.


  • A tool of blackhead tool
  • ½ teaspoon of rubbing alcohol
  • A cotton ball
  • Benzoyl peroxide cream


  • Cleanse and exfoliate your ear area
  • Use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the blackhead extractor tool
  • Firmly press the loop side of the tool on your blackheads in order to release the purities
  • Clean the extractor by using a cotton ball that is soaked in the rubbing alcohol
  • Do not press too strongly because it may worsen the problem
  • Apply benzoyl peroxide over your affected area to prevent the further formation of blackheads
  • Repeat this process a few times to get rid of blackheads in ear

What Not To Do When Removing Blackheads In Ear

  • Do not touch the blackheads with your dirty hands because it results in skin infection
  • Avoid squeezing the blackheads because it may worsen the problem
  • Do not scratch and scrape the blackheads using your nails because it may cause skin scarring
  • Avoid those oil-based skin care products because oily skin is also a main cause of blackheads
  • Cut down the intake of carbohydrate -rich foods and dairy to prevent the further formation of blackheads