Do you recognize 10 body language signs of attraction for men & women?

Could you tell when someone is really interested in you? Because no one loves to be rejected, it is a great idea to understand subtle signs of attraction before launching yourself into the love with someone else. Keep reading this list of top body language signs of attraction made by to recognize what you are not sure. Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and Allwomenstalk.

10 Body Language Signs Of Attraction – Signals From Men And Women

Body Language Signs Of Attraction
Body Language Signs Of Attraction

1. Lifted Shoulders

When it comes to body language signs of attraction, this is one of most easily detected signs you can notice. This motion points out that the other person has activated what those biologists call the “Cute response”. This is a childlike behavior which uncovers a more compliant side of each person. This is an involuntary, emotional muscular response to being in the presence of someone you love, and it has a disarming effect. Within a dating scenario, this is unconscious motion which tells people that the person you are interested in wants to get closer. So, you should not be shy about this. [Read: things men should know about women]

2. Closeness

The proximity of the other person to you is another body language sign of attraction. The closer they are, the more interested they are. Nevertheless, it is critical to note the appropriate amount of personal space in a social interaction differs from culture to culture and area to area, so gauging a person’s level of attraction to you based on how close they are standing is not always a truthful way if you are not familiar with their background.  [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds].

3. Pigeon Toes

Pigeon toes might not the sexiest of gestures, yet an inward rotation of someone else’s feet will suggest interest of a romantic nature. This posture happens will someone feel both intimidated and smitten by you. To put in simple words, pigeon toes do for the human body like what a smile does for the human face. It is worth noting that the contrast motion to pigeon toes is military posture. With this posture, toes are out and hands are behind the back. It might tell you that you should keep the distance from that person who is displaying it. [Read: how to impress and boy and make him like you]

4. The Palm Reveal

When talking with someone you are interested, pay attention to his/her hands. Particularly, pay attention to whether his/her palms are facing upward, especially when resting on the table or gesturing. Fact is, the human brain is programmed to perceive vulnerability as well as openness in this motion. In courtship, those gestures are friendlier, in terms of psychologically, than palm-down cues are.

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