15 cancer symptoms in women you absolutely should not ignore

As a woman, you body is always changing. Sometimes, changes that might seem normal could be signals of cancer, though.

Thus, the key here is to pay more attention to your own body so you could realize when there is something different. If there is any new symptom happening to your body, it indicates that something has changed within your own body and you might want to know what those signals mean. What should you look for?

Cancer symptoms in women
Cancer symptoms in women

The following are some most noticeable cancer symptoms in women to watch for. Check out from WikiYeah! This article refers the information introduced in WebMD.

Cancer Symptoms In Women – Signals To Not Ignore

1. Breast Changes

This is considered one of the most noticeable cancer symptoms in women to watch for. The majority of breast lumps are not cancer, yet your doctor should always check them. If you notice the following changes of your breasts, be careful:

• Skin puckering or dimpling

• Nipple discharge

• Nipples which turn inward

• Scaling or redness of nipples or breast skin

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2. Bloating

In fact, women are natural bloaters, so it is okay for you, as a woman, to wait one or two weeks to see if this condition disappears.
If your own symptoms do not get better over time, or they occur with bleeding or weight loss, you should see a doctor. Continual or constant bloating could sometimes mean ovarian cancer. Take a pelvic exam and blood tests as well to look for the underlying cause of the problem.

3. Between-Period Bleeding

Between-period bleeding, among many cancer symptoms in women, is one of the most common signals cancer female sufferers reported. If you still get periods, you should tell a doctor if you are spotting between them. Bleeding which is not a part of the normal monthly cycle could have many real causes, yet your doctor will want to rule out endometrial cancer.

Remember, bleeding after menopause is not normal and should be tested instantly. [Read: natural remedies for endometriosis]

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