15 cancer symptoms in women you absolutely should not ignore

4. Changes In Skin

If there is any change in the shape, size, or color of your skin, there might be a sign of skin cancer. Visit your doctor for a thorough exam and maybe a biopsy.

5. Blood In Your Stool Or Pee

If you are bleeding from a certain part of your body that usually does not, particularly if the condition of bleeding lasts more than one or two days.
In fact, bloody stool is usually from hemorrhoids, yet it could also be a sign of colon cancer. Oftentimes, bloody urine is the first symptom of cancer of the kidneys or bladder.
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6. Difficulty Swallowing

When it comes to cancer symptoms in women, this might be often overlooked. Occasional trouble swallowing does not need to be worried about. However, once its frequency increases, particularly with weight loss or vomiting, you should go to your doctor right away for stomach or throat cancer.

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