What are the causes of acne and pimples (teenage acne)?

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  2. Why Do Some People Get Acne While Others Do Not?

In order to understand how to get rid of acne fast, it is crucial to acknowledge how spots form and what causes of acne and pimples are. Yet, the most important thing to remember about acne and pimple is: It is not your mistake. When it comes to causes of acne, in contrary to the popular belief, acne is often not caused by external factors, what you eat and how often you exercise and wash your face. In fact, they are caused by a mixed combination of many physiological factors at work far beneath the surface of the human skin which are beyond your control.

Simply put, acne could be found anywhere on the human body. However, it most popularly develops on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. In case you are having acne, you will notice pimples which are black or white in appearance. Both whiteheads and blackheads are known as comedones. The blackheads open at the surface of the human skin, thereby giving them a black appearance. In contrast, whiteheads are closed under the skin surface, thereby giving them a white appearance. Whilst blackheads and whiteheads are the most popular kinds of acne, other lesions could happen. In reality, the life of a pimple starts from 2 to 3 weeks before it appears on the skin surface. It begins in your sebaceous hair, pores or follicles.

Causes of acne
Causes of acne

Causes Of Acne And Pimples

Those inflammatory lesions probably cause scarring of the human skin, and contain the following:

• Pustules: red, small pimples having pus at their tips
• Papules: red, small raised bumps resulted by infected hair follicles
• Nodules: painful, solid lumps which are beneath the skin surface
• Cysts: infections found beneath the human skin which contains pus and are usually painful

There are 5 main causes of acne and pimples:

• Hormones
• Extra sebum
• Follicle fallout
• Bacteria
• Inflammation

When it comes to zits, there is no single cause yet many factors contributing to that problem, like:

• How often you remove your dead skin cells
• The amount of sebum that your own skin produces that impacted by the hormone imbalance
• Genetics could also play a basic part in the growth as well as persistence of spots

Why Do Some People Get Acne While Others Do Not?

It is not clear why some individuals tend to be more likely to acne and pimples than other people. As mentioned in the previous part of this “Causes Of Acne” article, there is not specific causes of acne, yet hormones named androgens could play a role. Androgens enhance in both boys and girls during their puberty. Androgens make the oil glands of the human skin get larger and produce more sebum. Androgens could also promote due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy or beginning or stopping using birth control pills. [Read: how to get rid of back acne]

Some medications could result in acne and pimples and the cosmetic which have a greasy consistency might clog pores also. Water-based products tend to be less likely to lead to acne than the oil-based makeup. Other things could make acne condition worse, such as:
• Pick or squeezing pimples or blemishes
• Frictions caused by rubbing or learning on the skin, and harsh scrubbing
• Pressure from the backpacks, bike helmets, and tight collars
• Modifying in the hormone levels in those girls and mature females 2-7 days before the beginning of their menstrual period
• Anxiety and stress