15 possible & surprising causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men

6. Anger

In general, it seems that psychological and mental factors tend to strongly interfere with erection in men. Anger could make the blood rush to the face, yet not to the only place a man needs when he wants to have sex. Fact is, it is not easy to feel comfortable, relaxed and romantic when feeling raging, whether the anger is originated from the partner or another source. Unexpressed anger or improperly expressed anger could even contribute to the problems related performance in the bedroom. [Read: how to express anger in a health way]

7. Carrying Extra Pounds

Carrying extra pounds could affect your sex performance, and not just by reducing your self-confidence and esteem. Those overweight or obsess men have lower levels of the male hormone testosterone, which is crucial for the sexual desire and offering an erection. Obese is also associated with the condition of high blood pressure and hardening of arteries, thereby decreasing the blood flow to the dick. [Read: flat belly foods]

8. Low Frequency Of Flossing

Well, this sounds funny in regard to causes of erectile dysfunction, right? But, it does. Experts showed that an oral inflammation due to not flossing could result in a reduction in eNOs, the enzyme which produces nitric acid that functions to regulate blood flow within the human body. Without proper flow of blood, a guy will not get aroused appropriately.

Thus, now if you are worrying about your ED, you had better visit your dentist to check whether you have any oral inflammation or not.

9. Self-Image

As you do not like the image you see when standing in front of the mirror, it might be easy to assume your partner also feels the same. A negative self-image, in reality, could make you concern not only about your appearance, but also your inside performance in the bedroom. That anxiety associated with male performance could make you too worried to attempt sex. [Read: mistakes men make in bed]

10. Low Libido

Many people mistake between low libido and erectile dysfunction. They are not the same to another. However, a lot of the same factors which stifle the erection could also dampen your own interest and desire of sex. Stress, low self-confidence, self-esteem, anxiety and some medications could all decrease your sex drive. When all of these worries are associated with making love, your interest in having sex could take a toll. [Read: how to increase male stamina in bed naturally]

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