15 possible & surprising causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men

11. Your Physical Health

Of course, many health issues could impact the muscles, nerves, and blood flow which are essential to have a proper erection. High blood pressure, diabetes, hardening of arteries, and spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis could lead to ED. Also, surgery to treat bladder and prostate issues could also impact the blood vessels and nerves which take control of an erection.

12. Over Salt Intake

Cardiovascular disease is a popular culprit of dysfunction-causing illnesses. It is estimated that 1 in 4 men in the U.S will die from this illness annually, and the average middle aged man tend to have an approximately 60% odds of suffering from heart disease in his lifetime.

And, the problem is, high blood pressure, and cholesterol linked to heart disease will restrict the blood flow and also harden the arteries, causing problems of an erection. And, over consumption of salt could be one of the causes of the blood pressure and arteries problems. So, cut down your salt intake from now!

13. Humus Avoidance

Is this sound strange regarding causes of erectile dysfunction? Changing your diet to the better one is an easy manner to decrease your risk of ED. However, research shows that the Mediterranean diet specifically is the healthiest choice for men with erectile problems, including ED. The concentration on natural foods with healthy fats like olive oil and nuts could help clear the blood vessels of dangerous plaque and increase production of the nitric oxide, the compound which facilitates erections by dilating blood vessels in the dick.

Also, according to some studies, following the diet of Greeks could help you keep your mental sharp and reduce the odds of heart attacks, stroke and age-related frailty as well as early death.

14. Bicycling Or Spinning

This is one of surprising causes of erectile dysfunction not many people know. Spinning, bicycling and horseback riding are all associated with ED because the pelvic floor is rather vulnerable neurological system in which the nerves might experience desensitization. When the blood vessels are ruined, such as from narrow, hard bike seat, a problem will happen, including ED. Thus, you should scale back the mile amount of your ride each week. If after doing so, you still notice the problem, you should see your doctor for a pelvic floor examination.

15. Too Much Snoring

Yes, your snoring is also related to erectile dysfunction. The less oxygen in your blood, the worse the overall function of your own body will be, containing sexual function. This sleep disorder has affected about 18 million Americans with 63% of them experience relationship issues, and 69% of them experience decreased sexual desire, and 46% of them experience decreased arousal. Find more tips on how to stop snoring fast here.

There, you have known top 15 possible and surprising causes of erectile dysfunction that not all men acknowledge. Check out the list above and see if you are triggering any of them.

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