16 Common dream symbols and meanings are exposed

Dreams and nightmares could show us deepest thoughts. The might be the letters from the unconscious mind. Fortunately, we have the ability to interpret common dream symbols. Use the following interpretation of common dream symbols and meanings revealed by Wikiyeah.com to understand yourself better.

1. Being Chased

Common dream symbols - Being Chased

Is this one of your common dream symnbols? This is considered as one of the most popularly reported dreams. Most because the anxiety people feel in the dream is very vivid. This makes it easier for people to remember those dreams. The reasons behind this type of dream actually not come from the fear of being chased, yet rather what people are running from. The dream of being chased will help you understand that you might not be addressing something in your walking life that requires your own attention.

2. Vehicles

Common dream symbols - Vehicles

Whether an airplane, train, car or ship, the vehicles in your dream could reflect what direction you feel your life is taking as well as how much control you think you have over the road ahead of you. The type of vehicle gives you the power to make a transition and envision yourself getting to your dream destination. Or, sometimes, this highlight the difficulties you think your are coping and need to overcome. [Read: how to overcome depression]

3. Water

Common dream symbols - Water

Water comes in different forms and could symbolize your unconscious mind. Calm pools of water might reflect the inner peace whilst a choppy ocean could suggest unease.

4. People

Common dream symbols - People

when it comes to common dream symbols, some other dream characters reflect your own psyche and might relate to the characteristics you need to develop. Specific people in your dream relate to those existing relationship or interpersonal problems that you need to handle with. In particular, dreaming of a lover is symbolic of a certain aspect of yourself, from which you feel detached.

5. Food

Common dream symbols - Food

Food in your dream symbolizes knowledge, as it nourishes your body just as the information nourishes your mind. Food for thought? [Read: healthy eating habits]

6. Classroom Or School

Common dream symbols - Classroom Or School

It is rather common for people to find themselves sitting in a classroom or school, often confronted with the test that they are not well prepared to take. The test or lesion you face inside the classroom is frequently the one you need to learn from your past.

7. Missing A Flight

Common dream symbols - Missing A Flight

This or any other type of transport is one of common dream symbols, showing our frustration over possibly missing out on important chances in life. It is most common when we are struggling to make a big decision.

8. Death

Common dream symbols - Death

This is among most common dream symbols people report. Many people think that death will predict for something negative in the future, yet it is often more directly related to drastic change occurring for the dreamer. It might be the end of one thing in order to space or room for new things

9. Money

Common dream symbols - money

Money could symbolize self worth. If you dream of exchanging money, it might show that you are anticipating some major changes in your life.

10. Nudity

Common dream symbols - Nudity

This is one of the most common dreams. The meaning behind this dream reveals your true self to other people. You might feel vulnerable or being exposed to other people. Showing off your nudity might also suggest sexual urges or a desire for recognition.

11. Sex

Common dream symbols - Sex

If you dream about having sex, then it might symbolize intimacy and a literal desire for sex. Or, it might demonstrate the unification of those unconscious emotions with those conscious recognition, revealing a new awareness and personal growth.

12. Teeth

Common dream symbols - Teeth

Some people often dream about losing teeth. This is a common dream symbol. It might show a hidden fear of getting old or being unattractive to the opposite sex. [Read: best foods to eat before bed]

13. Being Trapped

Common dream symbols - Being Trapped

 If your dream is being trapped physically in somewhere, it reflects your inability to escape or make the right choice in the real life. This is a common nightmare theme

14. Flying

Common dream symbols - Flying

One of common dreams is flying. How poorly or effectively it is done will relate how much the effectiveness of your control over your life is and whether you are confident and able to get your goals. The high level of flying is euphoric while low level or being caught in some obstacles could be frustrating. [Read: home remedies of insomnia]

15. Falling

Common dream symbols - Falling

Not every falling dream is negative and scary.  Some dreamers report a kind of slow falling which indicates serenity and the act of letting go. Usually, falling uncontrollably from a huge height indicates something in your life that you feel very much out of control.

16. Baby

Common dream symbols - Baby

Dreaming about having a baby often indicates something new: it may be a new idea, new plan at work, the potential for growth, or new development in a specific area of your life.

The 16 common dream symbols and dream meanings above are top of the most popular ones people report. Realizing common dream symbols is a great way to start lucid dreaming.
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