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Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to land their feet while others are continuously in the midst of turmoil? Or, why some people might have more chances with interesting or influential people while others always complain about the doors being slammed in their own faces? The answer might be pinned for luck, yet the good news is: people can create their own luck. It is shown that luck is like a magnet, meaning that you could attract fateful meetings, prosperity, and big windfalls if you have luck and change your mindset. So, read on this article to find out how to create your own luck and turn the wheel of fortune in your favor with 9 useful strategies – from Wikiyeah.com!

8 Ways To Create Your Own Luck – Learn To Become The “Lucky” Ones

1. Take Responsibility

The beginning point when it comes to the process of learning to create your own luck is to shift your mentality from victor to a victor. In fact, the victims are the people who think life is going to happen to them and they are either going to be unlucky or lucky. That is not true. While the victors will get up every day and remind themselves that they are going to make their lives and create what they want. [Read: how to live a simple life and be happy]

2. State Your Own Intention

To create your own luck, you need to create a power formula to attract and manifest positivity into your own life.

What you need to do is to be clear about where you would like to see the luck exposed (like in career). Keep in mind that things always occur twice: one in your mind, and one in reality. So, intention is your vision.

Then, you put your own energy behind your intention – meaning putting your words, thoughts, feelings and actions behind your intention. If you could not feel the way you want to feel as if you have a lucky life, then you will not be able to manifest it. [Must read: a detailed guide to get more wealth and happiness – The millionaire’s brain review]

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