9 different types of love that you will mostly experience in life

When it comes to love, it is really a funny thing, not mention to the romantic aspect of itself that many people have known. Fact is, love comes in so many hues and ways, and it is almost impossible to project the kind of love you would experience till you really experience it. However, love is still something that we all look forward to experience.

Throughout your life, you will find yourself going through different circumstances of love. Most of the time, you will experience 10 different types of love throughout your life. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

9 Different Types Of Love – Love In Reality

Different types of love

1. Platonic Love

This is considered as the simplest types of love that you might go through in your own life. There are no strings attached and the first crush is really a memorable experience. This type of love is indeed friendly, pure, and something that we experience from young age, mostly in teenage, when we do not know why we have the things insider our underwear. This type of relationship you share you close childhood friends, siblings, and even some grownup friends could be listed. [Read: unspoken relationship rules]

2. Obsessive Love

Among different types of love, this is an abstract one. That means you often feel lonely and helpless without that special person in your own arms. For some of us who are in obsessive love, there will be a good opportunity that we have sucked the life out of our partner and piss them off till they finally left us on the curb. This type of love is often experienced by the novices who go through first love, perhaps after having to handle with the scary unrequited love. Actually, obsessive lovers are insecure, scared, and obsessive about the relationship. [Read: how to overcome loneliness quickly]

3. Unrequited Love

Among different types of love, this is filled with heartbreaks. Exactly, this is one sided love, when you fall in love with someone else and that person will not like you back because he/she might in be in a relationship or he/she will not notice about you. Over time, you will find yourself fall in love more, even you have already acknowledged the outcome of that love.

This love, in reality, helps many people understand the value of reciprocal love afterwards. [Read: how to know if you are in love]

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