9 different types of love that you will mostly experience in life

7. Awww Love

This sounds strange, yet it is so cute. This love is considered as the most spontaneous, but you also soon forget it. It even just lasts for several seconds, or sometimes longer.

That love can be for dogs, cats, or even a tree or a car. Sometimes, people feel an overwhelming sense of love for something that is not human being. The object of your love is not something that you want to sleep at night with. Most of us have at least once experienced that type of love. [Read: how to find love]

8. Lusty Love

If you have ever dated with someone who made you feel melted with his/her hug, then you have experienced a lusty love. Lusty love is the kind of love that you experience when you lust for the other person or get into a relationship with someone you are strongly sexually attracted to. The initially weeks of love are all about sex. If your relationship revolves more around the bed, less around flowers and trees, then maybe your are deeply in lusty love. [Read: how to create sexual tension]

9. Unconditional Love

When it comes to different types of love, this might be one of the most appreciated. This special kind of love is not easy and is absolutely not something that most of us go through and would like to try. However, this true love feels like you taking a leap of faith.

In such love, you will love your lover even more than you love yourself. You take care of him/her more than for yourself. Unconditional love is those stuff fairy tales as well as romance novels we all know are made of. If the two of you care about the other person and love each other selflessly, then you are in unconditional love, somewhat.

Now, you have discovered top 9 most common different types of love that most of us go through at some points of our lives, as long as we are willing to risk a chance of experiencing those loves.

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